fading of libido in a long term wedding

Fading of Libido In a Long term Wedding

Why the charisma of  love and desire of the couple fades over time? Once, the two mates were bonded in a spiritual relationship for the lifetime, they enjoyed the unexplored physical intimacies  of each other. With the passage of time, ( in some cases it can be less than a year) fading of sexual desire

To Do List After Pregnancy

After marriage of two souls, every couple anticipates for a baby. News of a woman being pregnant is hailed with joyous excitement and happy feelings in a family. Now  to be parents of a newborn there is a cautious and nervous road ahead. It is a time when the couple and their parents have to


Things to Know About During and After Pregnancy

We all know how essential sex is and that it forms an important part of marriage and partnership. However, will everything change after you get pregnant? There are so many women who wonder whether sex would be the same during pregnancy. Or would it be a safe thing for the baby? But to ease your

Improve low sexual desire

Tips To Improve Low Sexual Desire in Man and Women

Are you on the lookout for some easy yet effective ways by which you can improve your libido or sexual desire? There is not much to worry now because we have listed below a good number of tried and tested ways which will help in boosting your libido. Enhancing your sex life with a bit

Female Sexual Health Problems

Ways to Handle Female Sexual Health Problems

Female sexual health issues or problems could happen due to several reasons. A few of the reasons would be due to the sudden imbalance of the hormones, sickness; a particular medicine could end up causing issues in the body. The other reasons could also be psychological, mood swings, body image and so forth. Female Sexual

online consultation

Online Male / Female Consultation — Get Private Consultation for All Your Doubts

We use the Internet to gain vital information and also for entertainment but now we can utilize it to gain information for medical use and for private consultation to clear our doubts. Maintaining good health is very important so we must eat balanced and nutritious diet and have proper rest and workouts. We must consult

Female Sexual Health Problems

Low Libido in Women: Its Causes and Remedies

Sexual problems are very different in females far from male’s sexual problems. One of the problems is low libido in women. There are many reasons for it. However any therapist or a doctor can help you to diagnose this problem can also help you to determine its cause. Both of the partners must feel connected

Having Sex Turns out Being a Boon for You: How? Read Below

It is time to forget about the best of anti-wrinkle creams when it comes to giving that shine and glow to your skin. As per research it has been stated that one can end up looking about seven years younger if they were in a sexual relationship. However, this is not the only advantage you

Is Sex To Be Blamed For Problems in Your Love Life?

Sex is an integral part of any romantic liaison. Whether you’re a married couple or in a love relationship, sex plays the vital role in keeping two people together. But, often it is found that lack of sex is making things apart and somehow the couples can’t feel the same interest in each other because

Lifestyle Changes That You Ought to Make for Better Sex Life

No one wants to get spent sooner while having great time in bed. In order to increase sexual stamina,  people try all possible tactics – from watching provocative movies to taking Viagra pills – but the truth is that the secret of fabulous performance in bed lies in way simpler things. There are certain routine