Having Sex Turns out Being a Boon for You: How? Read Below

It is time to forget about the best of anti-wrinkle creams when it comes to giving that shine and glow to your skin. As per research it has been stated that one can end up looking about seven years younger if they were in a sexual relationship. However, this is not the only advantage you

Is Sex To Be Blamed For Problems in Your Love Life?

Sex is an integral part of any romantic liaison. Whether you’re a married couple or in a love relationship, sex plays the vital role in keeping two people together. But, often it is found that lack of sex is making things apart and somehow the couples can’t feel the same interest in each other because

Lifestyle Changes That You Ought to Make for Better Sex Life

No one wants to get spent sooner while having great time in bed. In order to increase sexual stamina,  people try all possible tactics – from watching provocative movies to taking Viagra pills – but the truth is that the secret of fabulous performance in bed lies in way simpler things. There are certain routine

Migraine Ayurvedic Treatment

Migraine? Migraine is a disease in which if there is any stimulation to brain (as in bright light, watching TV, any stress or travelling in bus) cause headache and in some cases it coexist with vomiting. It is mostly found in females because of stress or monthly hormonal changes. First of all it starts with