Lifestyle Changes That You Ought to Make for Better Sex Life

No one wants to get spent sooner while having great time in bed. In order to increase sexual stamina,  people try all possible tactics – from watching provocative movies to taking Viagra pills – but the truth is that the secret of fabulous performance in bed lies in way simpler things. There are certain routine lifestyle habits which are found to be formidable hindrances in your way to becoming the God of the bed. Change them for better results, right away.

Live de-stressed life: You may be delivering astronomical figures at office, while giving a miss to stress that is building within. And this accumulated stress finally translates into annoying dislike for sex. So, take each day at a time, enjoy work and do not let stress overpower your prowess in bed.

Cut Caffeine: Gulping down three to four cups of coffee may be helping you a lot in keeping awake and staying focused at work. But, caffeine is believed to be a vasoconstrictor. It affects women’s libido adversely and so cutting caffeine to minimum is essential for fabulous time in bed.

Avoid binge drinking: If you drink uncontrollably, it is sure to land you in depression causing adverse effect on your sexual life. Having one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men is considered healthy way of enjoying alcohol and also better quality sexual session in bed.

Sleep well: Fatigue mind cannot enjoy anything, including sex. So, if you are planning to see a sexologist, then first try sleeping well. You may not require paying that visit anytime sooner. During sleep, certain hormones are secreted which help you maintain libido. Thus, sleep well to spice up your sex life.

Regular exercise: Exercising or working out regularly and in moderate amounts lead to optimal secretion of erection inducing hormones in the body. Both men and women should exercise regularly to experience better erections and quality time in bed.

Quit smoking: You may be feeling quite macho puffing back to back throughout the day, but the fact is, this habit is actually stripping you off your masculinity. Nicotine content in tobacco causes damage to blood vessels, leading to problem of erectile dysfunction in males. Thus, cutting on the habit of smoking can help you have quality sex life.

So, don’t panic when the sex is not much of a happening moment in your life. Pay attention to few habits of yours and spring back to your best self in bed.

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