Low Libido in Women: Its Causes and Remedies

Sexual problems are very different in females far from male’s sexual problems. One of the problems is low libido in women. There are many reasons for it. However any therapist or a doctor can help you to diagnose this problem can also help you to determine its cause. Both of the partners must feel connected to each other, must feel a sense of being close to each other. Sometimes counseling may also be helpful if the issues are too tough to reconcile among them. Thus there are many remedial steps that can be adopted.

A sexologist will provide insightful sex education so that you can make married life healthy. These experts are the ones with whom you can share these issues frankly such as sexual problems. They help in controlling the issues associated with sexuality. These individuals also handle problems related to puberty issues. You can easily find such experts in your own area, in order to share any kind of sexual intercourse related issues. These people handle every type associated with sexual intercourse related issues like homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality as well as to almost all sexuality identities.

You can live with low libido, but why should you? Sex can make you feel closer, can bring pleasure to both you and your partner. So it’s worth trying to heighten your libido. That may mean talking to your doctor about physical causes of low sex drive, opening the lines of communication with your partner. Some signs that could be a signal about low libido in women are those who have not any or much interest when it comes to initiating sexual activities with your partner, don’t have sexual desire or need and so forth.

If you are bothered, do consider talking to your health care expert or doctor. The key or answer to this could be simple. A wide array of medications, illness and physical changes can also cause a low sex drive. Fatigue from illness can play a role in a low sex drive. Exhaustion from caring for young children can contribute to low sex drive. Too much alcohol can spoil your sex drive. The same is true of street drugs. Smoking may also dampen arousal. Numerous non sexual ailments and illness too could be the reason behind low libido in women. Many antidepressants and anti seizure medicines tend to be tarnishing ones libido rate.

A tight schedule often contradicts one the pleasure of having personal time. It becomes mechanical and in due course kills once libido. A woman is reluctant to try again if she had one bad sexual experience in the past, hence the low sexual drive. Emotional closeness is also an essential prelude to sexual intimacy. If there are unresolved fights or conflicts, or there is lack of connection; with your partner; infidelity or breach of trust decreases interest in sex. Poor body image low self esteem, financial stress or work stress, mental health problems such as depression or anxiety are also some of the causes.

Pregnancy or caring for a new baby can also contribute to modifications in your sexual desire. Change in level of the hormones may even start to alter ones need or desire for sex. Some women tend to go through a lengthy lagging libido experience at the menopause stage. Indeed many women have more orgasms in the post menopausal part of their life. At present, medicines/drugs are not of much relevance. The big pharmaceutical companies are currently searching for a drug that will turn women on. Far more important is to have the support and understanding of a partner.

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