Is Sex To Be Blamed For Problems in Your Love Life?

Sex is an integral part of any romantic liaison. Whether you’re a married couple or in a love relationship, sex plays the vital role in keeping two people together. But, often it is found that lack of sex is making things apart and somehow the couples can’t feel the same interest in each other because of the lack of sex. It is a major issue for the breaking up of many relationships. If you’re suffering through the same phase, this article is for you.

Kill off the stress and internal depression

It’s high time as you can understand. If you’re worried about saving your relationship or marriage, both you and your partner are supposed to work on it as a team. You guys need to talk and plan out something that can kill off the internal stress and depression causing among you two. It is easy if you give it a try. For a professional help, you can visit a relationship counselor once a week or so to retain back the former “ideal couple” spark.

Infertility causes the trouble

Often the issue of infertility drags to conclude many relationships. Though sounds imbecile, standing in this age when there should be no term called infertility should exist because of the wide array of medications and IVF treatments. If you’re a childless couple and want to get pregnant, cut off the stress and consult a sexologist for immediate help.

Start developing the interest fresh

You can start fresh! Try it with your old partner and every time you make love to him or her, try to find a new person. You can get involved in different sexual styles and positions. Foreplay plays a major role in increasing the libido and the passion for each other. With the help of some sex toys, you can enhance the sexual pleasure to your partner. This will really help before the intercourse. Forget the stale missionary, you can opt for the other sex positions to enjoy the perfect pleasure you were wondering for so long.

Be more communicative

You can be more communicative with your partner. According to many sex therapists and counselors, talking helps a lot to get back the old spark in each other. You and your partner can find out some time to interact with a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite wine just like you used to talk before, in the hay days of your relationship.

Role play does bring back the old spark

You can opt for role play to bring back the same old spark that you guys used to feel for each other. You and your partner can choose to be the illusory characters that you used to be before and indulge into an amazing sexual liaison. Forget about the issues you are suffering from like infertility or anything else. Only focus on your relationship and let’s take the help of sex in bringing back the former glorious moments you used to share with each other.

Dr. Satinder SinghIs Sex To Be Blamed For Problems in Your Love Life?

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