How Men Suffer From Low Sexual Desire

Low libido is a common and growing problem among men of all ages. Sometimes the young men can also suffer the same and end up with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction issues. Various issues are involved with the low sexual desire in men. Usually, it’s a temporary situation, but if it stays for a long time, then men suffering from the problem should consult a reputed sexologist for proper medication and therapy to get back their normal sexual desire.

On-time treatment can help them reduce the issue. Mostly, it is found that more than physical problem, men suffering from any psychological setback or stress can suffer the same consequences. But with proper therapy and counseling, they can retain their normal libido.

Here are some causes of low sexual desire in men—                   

Production of less testosterone 

Testosterone is the most significant male hormone produced in the testicles. The hormone, often called as the T helps in building muscles, bone mass and for stimulating in sperm production. The reduction of the T level in your body lowers the sexual desire. Usually, with aging the T hormone is less produced in men. But, younger men, suffering from the same issue need to visit a doctor to enhance the hormone generation and with proper medication and therapy, the problem can be resolved.

Restless leg syndrome or RLS is responsible for low libido 

In a recent study, it has been found that men who tend to move their legs are at higher risks of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction than men who don’t. If you have the same RLS issue, you can suffer from the issue of ED or premature ejaculation that often tends to lower your sex drives. You can visit a therapist or a doctor for help.

Are you under any medication? 

If you’re under any long-term medication, you can start developing the issue of low libido. Medicines of blood-pressure contain beta-blockers that prevent erections and ejaculation in many men. If you’re experiencing the same, take proper advice from your doctor before it’s too late.

Depression hampers the peace of mind and sex life

 A growing issue in almost every household, depression is caused by various reasons such as work pressure at work, hassles in personal life, breakup, divorces etc. If you’re under any anti-depressant medication, make sure that the doctor is aware of the side-effects. It can lower your sex drives for the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) in many medicines that hamper the normal sex drive.

Keep stress aside for a healthy sex life 

Stress can cause bad effect on the psycho-sexual aspects in human beings. If you are stressed regarding your career or anything related to your personal life, you cannot concentrate on your sex drives. The low libido is often detected in men suffering from any trauma or stress.

Are you diabetic or suffering from chronic disease?

 Diabetics and men suffering from any other chronic disease suffer from the less sexual desire. With proper consultation with a sexologist, things can get sorted.

So, these are some of the major reasons for low sexual desire in men.

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