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How Pornography affects your sex life?

Now days, access to Pornography is very easy using internet. Everybody watches it or does some erotic stuff to get satisfaction. It is part of our private life. With single click you can find tons of pornography. If porn is introduced correctly it can help you improve your intimacy. Men and women both watch porn

Sex Problems and How It Affects Your Married Life

Marriage is the one of the most beautiful thing happens in any one’s life. Once you married your life changes and only focus in your life becomes to lead a happy and luxury life in your own way. Marriage is not always perfect because it is not made in heaven. It is we and understanding

10 Tips to Find a good Sexologist Doctor

To find a good regular doctor is not an easy task now days. However, finding a good Sexologist doctor may be even more challenging than finding a regular doctor. These tips below should definately help you the process of finding a good qualified Sexologist doctor to help with your current medical condition and then a