Migraine Ayurvedic Treatment


Migraine is a disease in which if there is any stimulation to brain (as in bright light, watching TV, any stress or travelling in bus) cause headache and in some cases it coexist with vomiting. It is mostly found in females because of stress or monthly hormonal changes. First of all it starts with headache which subsides with low doses pain killers. So most of the patients start taking OTC’s. As time passes without proper treatment large doses of pain killers are required. Usually patient come to doctor after large doses of painkiller stop working. The pain due to migraine may lasts from 4 hrs to 2-3 days.

Human brain is made up of small units named as neurons. Neurons act as massager of brain. As we all know brain is present in skull but it governs each and every function of body that’s why it is called head. It can transmit its massage from skull to furthers part of body with the help of nerves. There are two types of nerves. First sensory nerves these are specialized nerve fibres which sense any type of danger to body like any utensil you touch is hot. It take massage from hand to brain. Brain decides what to do with that massage. If brain recognise it as danger it send message to hand with the help of nerves called motor nerve. These nerves act by taking away your hand from hot utensil. Our brain do many types of function in day to day life. If there is any type of disease in brain this can cause restriction in normal functioning of body. One of such disease is migraine.

How to treat this disease?

Modern system of medicine have many medicines to relieve pain. They only treat symptoms. But if you want to treat it from root there comes role of ayurveda. Ayurveda is advanced and scientifically proven medicine system. Ayurveda treatment consist relaxing mind, strengthening of nerves for proper transmission of massage, and diet plan. Ayurveda first of its kind in which we can have vast description of brain activity, and how to control it with your own. We have many methods for relaxing brain. Meditation, anulom vilom are one of them. Shirodhara is best among all. It helps in relaxing mind, strengthening nerves and controlling mind. we have many medicines like jyotishmati,shankhpushpi for protecting nerves from damage due to ageing. These medicines increase brain power to store large amount of information.

Diet plan also matters a lot for migraine treatment. It consists of low spicy food and more natural fruits and vegetables. Here, in Empire clinic we have ayurvedic doctors which can help you in treatment of migraine. We have specialized doctors to have proper mind relaxing sessions. Vast diet charts are made to increase effectiveness of treatment. Now it depends on you what you want “ To treat pain or to treat migraine


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