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Ayurvedic Medication: The Right Treatment Option for Erectile Dysfunction

Since our lives are getting more and more stressful day by day, there are many sexual problems, which are experienced by both men and women. Thanks to medical science that there are several treatment options available to treat all sorts of sexual dysfunction. Amongst other sexual problems, erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most

Migraine Ayurvedic Treatment

Migraine? Migraine is a disease in which if there is any stimulation to brain (as in bright light, watching TV, any stress or travelling in bus) cause headache and in some cases it coexist with vomiting. It is mostly found in females because of stress or monthly hormonal changes. First of all it starts with

How sexologist can help you in living a healthy sex life?

We all are having sex life. Question is how many people have healthy sex life. When it comes to having a healthy sex life, our theory goes wrong and we fall apart. A good sex life doesn’t mean you need to have sex on daily basis. Healthy sex life has other aspects and comprises many things which

Ayurveda – Traditional Approach of Treating Disease

As we know Ayurveda is an ancient approach of treatment for ailments. Ayurveda is natural and spiritual approach for well-being of individual. Its approach of treatment is not confined to disease but its spirituality help people in getting rid of fear caused by disease. In simple word you can say it is not disease which

Ayurvedic Medicine – Panacea of all disease

Ayurvedic medicine is one of oldest medicines system in Indian subcontinent since medieval times. It has been used and is being used for various ailments.  Ayurvedic medicines are not only medicine unlike allopathic medicine. It is a way of life which not only heals your disease but balance your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Approach