In ayurveda, we have some basic rules for quality life one of such rule is “If your GIT ( Gastero intestinal Tract ) is good you can enjoy good life”. It was told by our grandparents to eat only when you feel hungry and eat according to your stomach. Always, eat less then what you want because totally filling your stomach with food can cause improper digestion of food when these improper digested food particles circulate in our body they cause disease. But we in modern lifestyle act totally against these rules. We eat whenever we want without any hunger. When are at home, we eat breakfast, lunch , dinner then we go for shopping we eat burger or chat papri etc., we go to someone’s house we eat biscuits and drink tea or cold drinks. We never give rest to our stomach. Food is first pillar of Quality life. It act as fuel of our body. But what will happen if we have food but improper functioning system(GIT) to digest or use this fuel. GIT is a type of pipe where food is chewed in small particles in mouth then digested in stomach, energy from food is absorbed from intestine, waste particle is stored in rectum to excrete after proper interval. Food takes its specified time in each part of GIT. But what will happen if this specified time become shorter. Then you will feel colic pain stomach which relieve after defecation. You feel urge to defecate 30 mins to 1 hour after meal. You start thinking thrice before eating any food. This type of disease is called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

In this disease food is either poorly or improperly digested. Signs and symptoms include generalized weakness, lethargy, urgency to defecate, stomach ache etc. There are many causes of IBS and some common found causes are food allergy, junk foods, lactose intolerance, inflammation of intestine, thyroid disease etc. Treatment of IBS is only targeted to treat symptoms. Antidiarrhoeal drugs, antispasmodic drugs , mood diverting drugs are used to relieve these symptoms. If you want to take medicines then why to take modern medicines when you have ayurvedic treatment which not only relieve symptoms but also help in treating root cause. In ayurveda this disease is known as “Sangrehniviagra eu apotheke. Which is due to weakening of walls of intestine to store and digest food. Treatment consist of lifestyle managing, medicine and diet chart. Patients are advised many exercises and asanas which help in relieving stomach pain. Meditation is best method to control stomach discomfort and in turn it help in urge for defecation. Medicines like bhel and kutaja are helpful in diarrhoea of IBS. Regular use of medicines like arogyawardhini can help in strengthening walls of intestine. These medicines help you without any adverse effect. We have many patients who are put on these medicines without any side effects and their life quality also increases. Diet charts include low fats, low spicy food, and avoiding food to which you feel allergic. We at empire clinic have many methods and specialized doctors who have long experience of relieving IBS symptoms with great efficacy. Rest depends on you if you want to treat this disease with side effects or with natural medicines which blend in body like food.

Dr. Satinder is Ayurvedic doctor in ambala having years of experience in this field. He has helped many patients during these years. He will not only help you in coming out of such problems but will help you mentally to live a healthy life.

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