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Modern medical system is an advanced medical system which supports its facts with some principals and theories. These theories are based upon physics, chemistry and mathematical equations. For example we have normal value of haemoglobin in the range of 10-14 for females. A value below 10 is considered anaemic. It has covered most of its diseases with perfection or I should say it has covered infections and surgeries very well but when we talk about diseases like joint pains, fibromyalgia, paralysis, diabetes modern medicine is only able to decrease symptoms. you take painkillers daily and when you skip any dose symptoms again start appearing. I am not against taking medicine daily but I am against side effect of these medicine when you take particular medicine for long time. One of such recently banned medicine is pioglitazone( anti diabtic medicine ) which is known to cause urinary bladder carcinoma.

Most of the people , I have seen, are turning each and every stone for their disease but at last they have to satisfy with fact that their disease cannot be cured. So what to do now? First of all we should know the fact that disease can only be cured when its root cause is treated. If you only treat symptoms then you disease may worsen. Let’s take an example of indigestion problem which causesheartburn. You feel burning sensation in chest. You take antacid for that you feel better because it decreases level of acid in stomach. But its root cause is indigested food. Your anti acid have no effect on indigested food. This indigested food will damage your stomach lining. What will I do in that problem? At our ayurvedic clinic at ambala I will ask my patient to drink 3-4 glasses of salted water which in turn cause vomiting in patient. During this process all indigested food along with all acid come out of your body. After that most of the time you will feel better. Stomach repairing will be done with skipping one meal time.

Now you have a fully treated stomach to digest your meal. At last if any medicine is required then I will give carminatives or enzymes which will help strengthening of digestion system. And even these medicines blend with body like food. It is one of many example of treating root cause of disease at our ayurvedic clinic at ambala. We have many such working processes . we perform panchkarma therapy in most of diseases. Asthma is one of example which is managed perfectly with panchkarma. Most of children in Delhi are suffering from this disease. Causes of this disease is increased level of pollution in area. That’s why NGT (national green tribunal) is banning diesel cars and starting odd even formula. This disease worsen with improper medication and steroids. But If you are able to pull out pollution from lungs then this disease can be managed without any side effects. We have few of panchkarma techniques to purify your lung. Our ayurvedic clinic at ambala is well equipped with these techniques and experienced doctors which can treat your problems with ayurvedic and traditional safe methods. These methods are safe for you and check worsening of disease. These methods are not only for diseased person even a healthy person can come at our ayurvedic clinic to purify its body from harmful oxidant particles. We have specialized doctors for making different types of diet charts according to season and your need. Our ayurvedic clinic at ambala is one of its kind which is working on ayurvedic methods of treatments with required advancements.

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