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Constipation – Consuming this Desi Ingredient Can help you Get Rid of The Problem

Lifestyle and food choice is a prominent reason for constipation. You also might suffer from constipation because of some medical conditions. If you are experiencing these three symptoms then it seems that you are suffering from constipation. If your stool is hard and you feel difficulty when it passes, you feel like defecating and are

Know about Ageing and Sexual Health

Things to Know About Ageing and Sexual Health

You have to understand the fact that sexual feelings just won’t fade away as you start ageing. If you wish to keep the flame alive, read through the points to keep the flame alive: Always understand that one’s sexual wellbeing is essential at every stage and age. The desire to get intimate with your partner

Keep away from stress and anxiety

Why Should You Stay Away From Multiple Sex Partners?

Sex is a natural instinct which both human beings and animals have. Having sex with your married partner is most natural, but having sex with multiple sex partners is dangerous. There are many dangers related to sex with several sexual partners. The most common is serious sexual diseases and pregnancy. Some people assume that maintaining


Ayurveda in Daily Life

It is common saying that everything whichever comes in this universe will destroy after some time. Everything has three stages of life, first stage is growing stage in which rate of destruction of body is less than rate of formation. Middle stage is steady phase in which rate of destruction equals to rate of formation

Ayurveda clinic in ambala

Modern medical system is an advanced medical system which supports its facts with some principals and theories. These theories are based upon physics, chemistry and mathematical equations. For example we have normal value of haemoglobin in the range of 10-14 for females. A value below 10 is considered anaemic. It has covered most of its

How Ayurveda can help in sex problems

It is an era of ayurveda. Even multinational companies are convinced that daily use material shouldbe presented in its natural form that’s why you can see advertisement of unpolished pulses andthese days even your toothpaste contain neem or babul. Neem and babul are ayurvedic herbs usedin ancient time for datun or toothbrush. You can find

Ayurvedic doctor in ambala

Empire Clinics is a one-stop ayurvedic clinic where the world-class Ayurvedic doctors treat patients suffering from any kind of sexual disease, obesity, infertility, skin problems, joint pain and more. Under the constant supervision and guidance of Dr. Satinder Singh and other senior doctors, the clinic has achieved a reputation for being the service driven organization