Why Should You Stay Away From Multiple Sex Partners?

Sex is a natural instinct which both human beings and animals have. Having sex with your married partner is most natural, but having sex with multiple sex partners is dangerous. There are many dangers related to sex with several sexual partners.

The most common is serious sexual diseases and pregnancy. Some people assume that maintaining sexual relationship with several partners would keep their sexual life exciting, but there are many risks attached to it. You need to be alert as it carries various risks. Remaining single does not mean that you can do whatsoever you want to do in your life, this includes sex too. Some people do sex with their constant partner, but there are people who love doing sex with various partners. This is an immoral behavior and it carries many kinds of risks.

Be certain that your health will suffer most. There is danger of acquiring various incurable and dangerous diseases in your private parts or organs. These diseases are transferable and if you are married then you are liable to transfer the same to your spouse. It is better to engage in safe sex so you should use condoms or contraceptives. The worst part is that you may be infected by AIDS. This is a non-curable disease. You will have to suffer and die a painful death. Therefore, use of condoms is must if you get engaged in sexual relationship with several partners.

The danger of acquiring transferable diseases is very high in those people who does sex with several partners. Engaging in sexual activities with different men and women means, you are divulging to various dangerous diseases and illnesses. It is very difficult to predict that your partners do not carry dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to have sex only with your spouse or with your steady partner. Prevention is better than cure!

The psychological factor should also be taken into account. Surely, if your spouse comes to know regarding this immoral behavior, he or she will never appreciate it. This will create chaos in your personal life and it will affect your career and family life. Eventually, it will affect your health and behavior and will cause grave problems in your life. Your family life may be shattered and your kids will suffer the most. Relationship with others may become difficult and intricate.

You face a high risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases if you get engaged in sex with multiple sexual partners. To have sex with various partners is generally derived from utilizing drugs and alcohol. When one becomes alcoholic or addicted to dangerous drugs, he or she will get the urge to have sex with various sexual partners. Avoid drinking much and keep away from perilous drugs. You may enjoy them for a moment but they carry many evil effects which will destroy your health forever. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs destroy the understanding power of the brain and you may fall seriously ill. Care for your health and life as both are precious.

Dr. Satinder SinghWhy Should You Stay Away From Multiple Sex Partners?

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