Love Marijuana? It’s Time You Take Care Of Your Sexual Health and Your Partners Too!

Marijuana is harmful to health. It not only destroys your health but also makes your sexual life miserable. In many countries marijuana is illegal. It is better that you and your partner should keep away from this harmful substance.

Many people consider marijuana to be a harmless drug but the reality is that this drug is very harmful. It creates grave sexual troubles in many couples. Continuously smoking marijuana weakens orgasm or you may not even experience the feeling of orgasm at all. This is rather a serious affair for men. It has been proved by the sex therapists. Many people think that marijuana increases sexual desires but this is a wrong notion. This myth is absolutely wrong so keep away from this deadly substance before your sexual power becomes weak. It affects a man’s fertility.

  1. Marijuana affects man's fertility

Use of marijuana affects erectile dysfunction. It increases prolactine production which eventually decreases testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone which helps erection, orgasm and ejaculation. Decrease in testosterone production will cause dysfunction in erection and orgasm. You may have premature ejaculation which will affect your sexual life. People who often smoke marijuana have less seminal fluid discharge. Their sperm count reduces and their sperm behaves oddly. All these symptoms will affect fertility harmfully.

  1. Definition of prolactine

This a hormone produced in the pituitary glands of the brain which is necessary for breast feeding and important in pregnancy. Marijuana increases prolactine production and affects the libido and the testosterone production. This eventually, affects the orgasm, erection and ejaculation, resulting in reducing the sexual power. Increase of prolactine production produce negative effects on other sex hormones. It affects libido.

High prolactine production even decreases the dopamine brain receptors. The dopamine brain receptors are vital transmitters of sexual desires in human beings and animals. If prolactine increases then one should immediately go for medication. Otherwise, this will affect his sexual life badly. Marijuana is noted for increasing the prolactine level, thus affecting the sexual life for men and women.

  1. Reduces interest in sex

Frequently smoking marijuana elevates the danger of erectile dysfunction in men and for women it decreases sexual interest. Use of high dose of marijuana affects a man’s fertility and causes negative effects in pregnancy for a woman. It affects the fetus. Therefore, both men and women should shun the use of marijuana. If a couple is addicted to smoking marijuana, then their married life will be shattered and it will become hard for them to raise a family. Their sexual life will be completely destroyed. It is better to stop using marijuana forever, if one wants to lead a happy married life.

If you are addicted, then take the help of a psychotherapist who will help you to drop this bad habit. He shall prescribe you medication. Medical treatment will help you and your partner to overcome this bad habit. If the use of marijuana is not stopped, then it will affect your sexual health and also your general well-being.

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