Ayurveda in Daily Life

It is common saying that everything whichever comes in this universe will destroy after some time. Everything has three stages of life, first stage is growing stage in which rate of destruction of body is less than rate of formation. Middle stage is steady phase in which rate of destruction equals to rate of formation of body. Then comes the third stage destruction in which rate of formation decreases and rate of destruction increases. Same thing happens in human being. First we are in growing stage from 0-18 yrs of age. Our cells grow faster than destruction. Size of body increases in this stage. Then come steady phase(20-40) in which there is no increase of size or change of shape of body.Our immune system is best at this stage. Most of the diseases at this stage is managed by immune system only. Then comes destruction phase (45-death). Destruction of cells of body is greater than formation of cell. Any fracture at this stage is difficult to manage.

We need calcium and vitamin supplements for normal functioning of body. At this stage body cannot produce sufficient amount of energy to do routine work effectively. Body feel weak and lethargic. Do we have role of ayurveda in any of these phases? Most of the peoples in the past were using traditional methods to increase their life span. Actually their daily routine and methods which are good for body are mixed with each other. For example working in fields, eating two times in a day, not eating junk foods these were like their daily routines that is why they had good physique without any fitness training. This routine is formed to get best from body and to help body to stay fit. We were near to the nature at that time. Ayurveda texts have daily routine to be used right from birth to death. We have many examples in Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata in which importance of ayurveda is shown. Chawanprash was made by chawan rishi to rejuvenate its body. Body of king Dashrath was preserved for 14 yrs so that his son Rama can cremate him after arrival from vanvas. Lord Ganesha get head of elephant with surgery that is not possible even now. These are some of examples. Most of these methods are now available these days because most of ayurvedic texts were destroyed in wars or natural calamities.

We at our Empireclinics of ayurveda clinic at ambala are regularly pushing ourself to get techniques for good life from available ayurvedic text. We have vast description of how to prepare bodies for sex with vajikaran process. How to get maximum benefit of sexual activity from kamasutra, diet charts of pregnant women according to trimester, first food to be given to babies, how to delay ageing process with rasayans. We have specialized doctors who can tell you things to do and not to do in routine. You can ask them any question without any hesitation. We are doing it from past 5 yrs and we have many satisfied customers.

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