Treatment of Obesity in Ayurveda

Obesity is the good old medical term of gaining body weight. In the present day, it is a crucial problem for people of almost all ages suffering from the excess weight issue. Obesity is caused by various reasons and mainly lack of physical exercise is responsible. It can happen to anyone that takes more calorie that the body requirement or to those with the hereditary obesity issue.

The specialized ayurvedic doctors at Empire Clinics ensure 100% cure of obesity naturally. But the patients should also follow the diet and medication properly to achieve their goals under the supervision of the qualified ayurvedic doctors.

Why Empire Clinics for Obesity Treatment?

Under the constant supervision of Dr. Satinder Singh and his team of doctors, the patients visiting us for reducing obesity are cured with ayurvedic medicines and therapies. If you’re suffering from overweight problem and the BMI doesn’t match with your age and height, you need immediate help. Instead of trying the allopathic medications, we strongly recommend you herbal medicines and physical activities to control the increasing weight.

We offer Online Consultation

We, the specialized ayurvedic doctors at the Empire Clinics are ready to offer online consultations to our patients that are unable to reach us physically. Wherever you’re located, we are ready to help you with our advanced online consultation services. We also offer the facility of delivering the medicines you need to the given address. You don’t have to buy the 100% pure ayurvedic medicines from anywhere else.

What causes obesity?

In ayurveda, obesity is termed as Medaroga (meda- Fat, rog- Disease) that is caused by the increase of Kapha. Kapha plays a significant role in improving the structure and lubrication of both the mind and body and it also helps to control the body weight along with the formation of the seven tissues- blood, nutritive, marrow, reproductive, fat, bones, and muscles.

The balanced state of Kapha is fine with the body development and nourishment. However, when aggravated, the Kapha produced toxins inside the human bodies that often block the weaker channels. People suffering from obesity are tend to have this issue as the toxins are accumulated in Medovahi Srotas (fat channels) that leads to the formation of Meda Dhatu (fat tissues).

Count on our Natural Weight-loss Methods

We can reduce the toxins from your body with our ayurvedic medicines    made from the 100% natural ingredients collected from the Mother Nature. Along with maintaining the daily course of medicines, you will also have to follow the given diet by our expert dieticians for controlling the weight. You should also indulge into some physical activities such as regular walk, exercises, yoga etc to maintain your physical fitness and stamina.

Some useful ayurvedic weight loss ingredients are—

  • Guggul
  • Ginger
  • Kalonji
  • Licorice
  • Mint
  • Honey
  • Aloe vera
  • Curry leaves and Curry powder

It’s high time to consider your obesity issue. Visit us and let us help you to reduce your weight naturally with Ayurveda.

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