Things to Know About Ageing and Sexual Health

You have to understand the fact that sexual feelings just won’t fade away as you start ageing. If you wish to keep the flame alive, read through the points to keep the flame alive:

Always understand that one’s sexual wellbeing is essential at every stage and age. The desire to get intimate with your partner is something that’s timeless. For sure, as you are gradually ageing, the level and kind of sex will not be the same as it was when you were in your 20’s. However, it can also still be quite fulfilling. Below mentioned points are about how sexual health would gradually change as you age and how can you and your partner adapt to the changes.


Communication is highly essential, come what may

You need to make sure that you do talk to your partner about your sex life openly. This will keep your sex life healthy and satisfying. Make sure that you set aside some time for sexual intimacy and togetherness. Make sure that you also start sharing thoughts about intimacy and lovemaking with your partner, when you are both together. Make sure that you explain to your partner what you want from her or him. Make sure that you stay completely honest with your partner, be it at an emotional or physical level.


Safe sex

Until the time women reach the stage of menopause, they can get pregnant anytime. If you are quite active sexually, make sure that you do use birth control regularly. Make sure that you without any hesitance talk to your health care provider for any kind of guidance you want about which kind of birth control is apt for you.

People of every age must understand the importance of safe sex. If you are having sex with someone new, make sure that you do use a condom. You need to stay aware and always safe from sexually transmitted infections.

If you are in a long term relationship, and after testing has nothing to worry about sexually transmitted infections, then you stay assured and not worry about protection all the time.


A man’s sexual health and the process of ageing

The hormone Testosterone does play quite an essential part when it comes to understanding a man’s sexual experience. The level of Testosterone again does differ from one man to another. But men who are old will usually have a lower level of Testosterone. Basically, it will start to decline gradually each year after the age of 30.

As a man starts to age, the time for the penis to erect would take longer. Also, you will notice that erections too might not be as firm as it was before. Also, they might encounter the issue of erectile dysfunction as they age. But there are medicines accessible so that men can enjoy their sexual life and enjoy an adequate amount of erection.


How age affects a woman’s sexual health?

 As women start approaching the stages of menopause their level of estrogen starts to dip down. This would gradually lead them to experience dryness in the vaginal area. This would start affecting their interest in sex too.

Even though several women may enjoy sex without having to worry about pregnancy, changes that occur in the body naturally may affect other woman’s sexual desires.

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