Have you ever wondered as to why yoga enthusiasts have that bright glow and energy? Is it due to a certain diet that they follow, or a gluten free diet is doing the entire ‘glow-on’ trick for them? Or probably they have been spending hours on their yoga mats? But stay there all still because the prime reason for that everlasting glow on their face is due to the amazing sex lives that they have! Yes you got it right.

Regular yoga does come with tons of benefits. For today, we will concentrate in one area and that is how it can eventually help in improving our sexual life. Yes you got that right. Along with adding flexibility, improving blood pressure, loss of weight, improving bran functions, etc, let us now understand how yoga adds that sexual spark in a relationship.

Mula Bandha Helps You to Improve Your Kegal Movements

Maybe you may not realize it, but yoga is quite good at improving the movements of your overall muscles. When you work in the standing position, you are made to support the overall weight of your body. This way when you are practicing the balancing pose, you provide strength to your sphincter muscles. This is indeed useful in controlling your urination. When you do kegals everyday, you will in turn be working towards getting better orgasms. Thus go ahead with those Mula Bandha poses next time you hit the yoga mat.

You can now live the moment 

May a time you may realize the fact that being present there during intercourse is not that easy. It may feel great but being entirely present always is never easy. At the same time you may be concentrating how much you are moaning or how your body looks from another angle may be getting jammed in your mind. There would be other set of things filling up your mind too. At the same time reaching orgasm at such a jam packed session, is hard to come. This is why yoga works out being the smart move here. Your instructor might help you pay attention to the parts of the body which you rarely pay attention to. When you are doing yoga, you get to pay attention o yourself, whole heartedly. This way when you are in the room and with a better body, you will start plunging to new heights in your sex life too.

You start feeling sexy from inside

You may feel yoga is effortless from the outside. But nothing will provide you strength and add flexibility to your body, than the vinyasa flow. When you work out, not only do you get good vibes, you feel quite boosted with confidence too. The same applies to your sex life too. When you get sweaty at the gym, you start to understand your body better. When you are doing yoga, the only the sole device you have is your body. You will eventually use your very own weight, which could be tough initially. But when you get regular with yoga, you start feeling fitter and more confident with your body too.

The yoga poses you do today will turn out being sexy positions in the bedroom.

When you get into regular yoga, you will start learning how to touch that toe or tilt your head to a certain position which you were not capable of doing earlier. Skipping across the Kama Surta pose now will be way too easy and flexible for you. This way eventually even your sexual skill starts to improve gradually. The tension too gets released via the groin muscles. If you want you could also try out the wide-legged straddle pose and notice what we mean. If need be start trying some new poses with your partner. There are tons of possibilities to enjoy and practice with your partner, when you too are alone.