How Increased Use of Medicines May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Consuming too much or certain recreational drugs or medicines can eventually affect a man’s state of orgasm or arousal, or in short, his sexual activity when with his partner. At the same time, the reason for impotency in one man might not at all be an issue for another.

Make sure that if you are encountering any such issues, to get in touch with your health care provider at the earliest. Any drug could cause hindrance to your sexual health. There are also a few medicines that have a life-threatening reaction too if you do not stop taking them in limitation or better to change them.

Erectile dysfunction is a term that we have all heard about. In the US alone there are approximately 30 million men who have encountered this issue. Several men across the globe have issued either maintaining or getting an erection which is apt when it comes to sexual intercourse. It could occur to men of any age or race.

It was a belief which probably several people believed that ED is caused due to aging. However, this is not right at all. There is a flotilla of psychological and physical conditions that eventually leads to ED. It could be due to high blood pressure, stress, lifestyle modifications, heart-related issues, diabetes, etc. also when one takes certain medications or illicit drugs, or excess smoking too.


The other reason for erectile dysfunction or ED is due to the taking of certain medicines. We have mentioned about a few of them below:


  1. Beta-blockers

There is simply no doubt about the fact that these do end up disrupting and have a huge impact negatively on erectile function. Even though the real cause behind how this low pressure-lowering medicine affects one's erectile function has not yet been known. But it does in a huge way impact patients who are taking this medicine. Also in most cases, people who take this medicine cannot get off it easily too. This is why it is always better to switch over to another medicine such as ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers are mostly preferred.


  1. Androgen blockers 

Usually, this medicine is recommended to patients who are suffering from prostate cancer. But they have a very high chance of affecting one with ED. It also leads to a lowering of one’s libido and comes with tons of side effects too. But it would take quite many years to see the whole effect of this medicine. Also, patients who are taking this medicine might not be able to reduce or leave it at the later stage.


  1. Finasteride 

Usually, you get this particular medicine under the brand names called Proscar and Propecia. It is also mostly prescribed for men who are suffering from hair loss issues. It does lessen dihydrotestosterone levels and at the same time decreases one's libido by at least 10 percent as seen in men. The effect though has been quite profound in young men. It would be good if you start using the medicine called minoxidil and stop using this medicine instead.

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