Ways by Which You Can Fulfill a Great Sexual Life with Your Partner

Probably you do not remember when was the last time you had a thrilling experience with your partner in bed.

Not much time back, you would actually have an arousing and ecstasy filled times with your partner in bed. But sadly, with the passage of time, you are noticing that your sex life is turning into a slow paced game. None of the partners or one of the partner seems not to be much interested in sex anymore. Before going to bed, your man is more than interested in watching the daily talk show and by 11 PM, you hear him snoring. The sex talks and passion all seems to be MIA.

You do love sex. And so does your partner. However sadly, there are tons of other factors which end up on focusing much into this direction. You have to deal with emotional and physical barriers at times too such as the bedroom or poor body image and so many of them to deal with. But stop sighing already! The ‘good news’ is you can still reconnect with your partner and derive that spark into your sensuality again. Get all set to light up the spark again. The points mentioned below will prove to be quite effective when applied:

Enjoy your naked self

Women who enjoy and have a great sex life usually feel good about the kind of body they own. These kinds of women feel quite strong and sexy from within when they have a look at their physical self. Yet sadly, as per Berman, a sex therapist, about more than 80 per cent of women in the US feel they have a negative body image. This is why they feel unsatisfied about their naked self. This is the same feeling she goes into the bedroom with. She feels when her partner would kiss her thighs would focus more on how heavy they are. However, this is not the case at all. But give yourself a reality check. Boost your inner confidence. Just have a look around you.

There are tons of women who are beautiful and in a number of sizes and shape. Just remember no one is ideal or perfect. In fact go ahead and focus on the areas you like about your body. Touch your butt, breasts or any other features that you like about your body. This is a handy way to know feel boosted and reinforced.

Go ahead and create that body mind connection

Think about the times when you feel relaxed and exhilarated. This could happen after the gym session or after half an hour of walk. Even though it would not happen often, try to re-establish this bond from time to time. Usually when a woman feels to think negatively about her body, she starts to feel low. Go ahead and try to do things that give you a happy feel. Do things that make you feel connected with your body. This way when you get in tuned with your body and skin, you will feel boosted. This way you would feel sensual. You would feel this more naturally.

Swear off sex

Even though it could sound extreme, yet it’s imperative for your relationship. Try to explore more and more as you grow with your partner. In fact, take turns when you are exploring each other. Try to concentrate on your partner and communicate the language of love, try stroking each other. This will make you both feel happy and thrilled. Take time and reconnect with each other. To build up the anticipation, try to hold it for maybe a day or two. This will be a great way to reconnect.

Dr. Satinder SinghWays by Which You Can Fulfill a Great Sexual Life with Your Partner

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