How Ayurveda can help in sex problems

It is an era of ayurveda. Even multinational companies are convinced that daily use material shouldbe presented in its natural form that’s why you can see advertisement of unpolished pulses andthese days even your toothpaste contain neem or babul. Neem and babul are ayurvedic herbs usedin ancient time for datun or toothbrush. You can find many health related products made up ofayurvedic medicine.Most of the sex related medicines are ayurvedic. According to ayurveda there are three pillars of life first food you eat, second sound sleep and third happy sex life.

In modern world with advancement of science a question arises “how ayurvedic medicines can help in sex problem?” Let me answer it. Ayurveda is first text in which sex is explained in scientific manner. Ayurveda is text in which sex is related with mental health. Mind is organ which control sex till orgasm. Orgasm is state in which brain feel relaxed. Modern life consists of work related stress, target related stress, financial stress etc. This type of stress is main cause of loss of libido. If your day is not good at work or your office work is incomplete you cannot perform during sexual activity. Modern science gives anti-anxiety drugs for stress. But as we all know sex is matter of excitement these anti
anxiety drugsdecreases excitement which cause decrease in erection of penis and decrease in sexual performance.

In ayurveda we don’t use any type of medicine which decreased anxiety but we help patient to control his mind and flush out stress. When your mind is free from stress you can get a real experience of sex. We suggest many yog aasanas which help in strengthening muscles of penis. We suggest meditation to increase mental ability. As we all know “our body is what we eat” according to this principal your food will decide your performance in sex. We have dieticians who will suggest what to eat and which things to avoid. Modern medicine of sex plays on few medicines “sildenafil”, “Tedenafil” etc. These medicines act on blood supply of penis which in turn causes erection of penis. In its side effect it increases heart rate, it cause headache in most of patients. Ayurvedic medicines are free from these types of side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are base on principals of doshas vaat, pitta,kapha. When these doshas vitiate it causes abnormal functioning of body. Precisely abnormal penis function during sex. We just balance these doshas with medicines which not only help in sex problem but in other diseases also.

As I alerady explained that sex is among three pillars of life so when you can perform sex properly and can enjoy your life. Now new question arises where can we get this type of treatment. I don’t know about other places but near ambala you can get it from our clinic EMPIRES CLINIC where you can find way to stress free life and experience of good quality of treatment.

Dr. Satinder SinghHow Ayurveda can help in sex problems

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