Having Sex Turns out Being a Boon for You: How? Read Below

It is time to forget about the best of anti-wrinkle creams when it comes to giving that shine and glow to your skin. As per research it has been stated that one can end up looking about seven years younger if they were in a sexual relationship. However, this is not the only advantage you gain from sex. There are many more about which we have discussed below.

Keeps a women healthy and increases chances of conceiving

 It has also been found that, women who indulge in regular sexual relationship tend to have a well balanced hormone. Moreover, it also has been effective towards regulating her periods. This also makes it much easier and boosts her chances of conceiving.

Helps in fighting flu and cold

 It has been found that one’s who have sex once or two times a week; tend to have a boost immunoglobulin, which is a kind of antibody found in the human body. This does help one stay away from flu and cold. In fact, one study also came out with the results that if the level of immunoglobulin is more than 30% in those people who have sex more than once in a week.

Helps to make your body disease proof

 When one has high amount of DHEA, which is commonly known to be an ‘anti-ageing hormone’, their body tends to stay fitter for a long time. When one has sex, the level of DHEA gets higher and it gets secreted in more quantity all across the body. Also after the point of orgasm, its level in the bloodstream too tends to raise about 5 times more, than what it is normally.

Length of one’s lifespan increases

In Australia, a study was done. It was found that people who usually climaxed for more than three times in a week, would have about 50% lesser chances of dying due to a medical cause, than those who climaxed only once during a month.

Helps in shifting the middle-age spread and keeps one fitter

You want to burn more calories but can’t find it easy enough? In that case this would be good news to you, about which you are going to read next. It has been found that if you have vigorous sex for about 30 minutes, you will be able to shed 100 calories at a single go!

If you however have moderate sex during once a week, you will still be able to shed around 5,000 calories in a single year. Again, the positions you choose to go ahead with do make quite a huge difference in shedding calories too. This indeed comes as a thrilling and fun way to shed weight and tone your muscle groups.

End those nasty cramps that you experience during your periods

There are so many women worldwide who have to experience that nasty period pain, and this is something you cannot avoid. But you can help to lower down the level of the pain, if you indulge in regular sexual intercourse with your partner regularly.

As per one theory, it has also been stated that, when you reach the highest level of excitement, the muscle contractions that happen tends to release tension in the muscles which is located near your uterus. These are the muscles which causes those deadly menstrual cramps. Hence, this is how you can work towards lowering down the pain.

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adminHaving Sex Turns out Being a Boon for You: How? Read Below

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