To Do List After Pregnancy

After marriage of two souls, every couple anticipates for a baby. News of a woman being pregnant is hailed with joyous excitement and happy feelings in a family. Now  to be parents of a newborn there is a cautious and nervous road ahead. It is a time when the couple and their parents have to take little steps of care , knowledge and a detailed plan for the coming months to have a blessed and a  healthy baby.

For your help we bring in front of you a checklist for various months for preparing yourself for the challenging phase of life ahead.

Pregnancy period can be divided into three regions of three months each, which is called a trimester.

  • First Trimester (0 to 13 Weeks)  
  • Second Trimester (14 to 26 Weeks) 
  • Third Trimester (27 to 40 Weeks)

First Three months Checklist

Pregnancy for the first time is always exhilarating with happiness, joy and anxiety. It is a whole new experience of emotions  for wannabe parents of the tiny trot. Initial three months is a significant period for the baby’s growth and occurrence. There is a long list of things to be done which are as follows:-

Month 1, Month 2 , Month 3 

  • Go see a doctor and verify your pregnancy. If the doctor confirms, then follow his/her advice and  arrange appointments for the future checkups as prescribed by the doctor. Plan your prenatal tests in advance. This is a major  part of your to-do list. 
  • Take a healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients as now the diet of the baby within yourself depends on what you are eating and in what amounts you are eating.Take plenty of vegetables and fruits as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as it adversely affects the baby. The tiny form now depends on how you behave.
  • Stop smoking as it is injurious for your health. Your healthy status is best suited for your pregnancy. 
  • Being fit helps a lot for getting pregnant as well as during pregnancy. Exercise helps to keep all the necessary vitals of the body in a healthy and proper manner. Don’t stress yourself with heavy exercises. Regularly do light exercise for a normal  newborn.
  • Take your medicines and supplements as prescribed by the doctor for e.g. folic acid and iron supplements. They greatly reduce the danger of various defects and  problems during birth.  
  • Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep  as generally most women feel tired during the early stages of pregnancy. 
  • Start allocating a section of your earnings for the needs of the baby.Start securing the future of the new-born and plan about the expenses on daily needs, for e.g. diapers, sheets, baby chair etc.    
  • Plan spending intimate times with your partner as after the birth of your baby you will find it hard to find time for the other mate. 
  • It’s your choice where and how you want to have your baby.Do research and take help from others experience while deciding a suitable and best option. 
  • If you are working, you have to plan your maternity leaves in the best possible way. Look out for leave policy at your workplace and accordingly decide for your future leaves you would need. Apply for it beforehand to remove the last-minute hassles and delays.  

Second Three months Checklist

At this point, you have successfully completed three months or 13 weeks of your pregnancy period. Here, you are not vulnerable and are more confident about various steps you have taken. But thinking about the next six  months you become stressed. Don’t worry as the next checklist is ready for your help:-  

Month 4, Month 5, Month 6        

  • Share the news of the arrival of a baby with your family and friends.It’s the right time for the colleagues and bosses of your workplace to know about your situation of pregnancy. 
  • Purchase new maternity attire i.e. loose and comfortable clothes after the 4th month as the size of the fetus will increase. The bump in the body will be visible and start to grow.
  • Select the skin care products to use to relieve the itching sensations and to prevent stretch marks to ensure smooth and beautiful skin after giving birth.
  • It’s the right time for you and your partner to have a time out and enjoy lovable moments together as at last stages of pregnancy it’s risky and difficult to travel. 
  • Take important prenatal tests i.e. various ultrasound scans as prescribed  as they will help determine the health and progress of the baby. 
  • Start to develop a  bond with your doctor so that you feel more confident and comfortable in a delivery room.
  • Contemplate about the name of your baby and discuss various possible names with your partner.

Third Three months  Checklist

Thumbs up!!  to you for countering the journey of previous  six months with joy, excitement, happiness and preparedness in advance for your baby. Now, you are ready and to avoid any last hiccups  a checklist is ready for your help:-

Month 7, Month 8, month 9

  • Start designing and furnishing the special space of your baby. Various furniture and bedding that might be required for  the newborn.
  • Buy clothes sheets, clothes, nappies, baby care products i.e. soaps, oils, moisturizers etc.  for the baby in advance to avoid the last minute rush as the baby can arrive any time now.
  • Pre wash your baby’s clothes and sheets. It is very important for the personal hygiene of the tiny one. 
  • Arrival of baby can now be at anytime soon so pack a bag for hospital with essential items like clothes for yourself and baby, snacks, cell phone chargers etc. and keep it at a place which is easily accessible.
  • Pre book  the option of the  hospital where you want to deliver the baby. This will help  checking in to the hospital at the time of emergency easily. Hospital planned should be at a least distance from your home for easy access.
  • Pat your back and be happy that you have done very well in the moments of pregnancy and wait for the big day of your life with positive and happy emotions for a healthy and blessed baby.

Pregnancy period is a roller-coaster full of emotions, anticipations, prayers, planning of various things and preparations for a life-changing moment.

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