8 Tips To Boost Conception

If you are contemplating to have a “baby” than  there are various tips that can help you in increasing your fertility rate. Not getting pregnant is seen as a stigma in the society. Having a baby is an underlying desire of every single couple. Don’t panic or become stressed if you are not conceiving we offer you with ways to speed up the process of conception :- 

  1. Eat a healthy and a large diet

Avoid fast food i.e. “ junk “ which adversely affects your body and the chances of getting pregnant. Eat a healthy diet full of all the nutrients and consisting of a  lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, essential carbohydrates and trimmer proteins. Don’t miss out on meals and as the doctors say take smaller and healthier six meals in a day after an interval of every two hours.   A balanced diet rich in all the nutrients will help balance the hormone levels.

  1. Quit  smoking

Every pack of cigarettes  sold contains a statutory warning printed, “Cigarette smoking is injurious to  health”. Active smokers play havoc with their body as it contains tobacco and maurijana which create  far-reaching harmful health problems. They are also dangerous for the people around them as they also are unknowingly inhaling cigarette’s smoke and becoming passive smokers.  For your and your kid’s brighter future kick the butt outside of your life. Menopause in women smokers occur earlier than non- smokers. It hinders the growth of foetus.

  1. Exhaust your extra calories

Being fitter, leaner and healthy is the mantra of success towards conception. It is a well established fact that obesity is associated with infertility  and miscarriages issues as it tends to enhance the levels of estrogen making ovulation difficult. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body weight according to your height. Range of  BMI above 30 is not good for conceiving. At this index level,start shedding your weight and burn your excess fat. BMI of 20-25 is a healthy and positive sign for the future ahead.  

  1. Stop drinking alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is a hindering agent for reproduction. It snaps the bonding between the brain and the body. The brain is the major part of the body which controls all the voluntary and involuntary actions of the body. It is the C.P.U. of our system. Drinking alcohol leads to infertility and damages various organs of the body For e.g. liver, pancreas, heart, bones, brain, etc. It also brings behavioural changes  and deprives the human being of the mental ability to take rational decisions.

  1. Knowing the timing of ovulation

Having the knowledge of ovulation period will help you greatly in conceiving. Ovulation is the process when an egg is let out  from the ovary. Here is the information of utmost impetus :-

  • Life of an egg, post let out is around 12-24 hours. Insemination of an egg by a sperm in this duration is crucial to get pregnant.
  • In a woman’s body sperm lives for about 5 days. So, having sex 5 days before ovulation  will provide major chances of success as the sperm can wait for 5 days.

This is called your ‘fertile window’.

The above basic piece of information can immensely enhance the chances of your parenthood. Having sex before 5 days of ovulation and two days after is the best time for trying one’s luck. 

  1. Engage in every-other day sex

The sperm count of men is a very crucial factor of their fertility status. Sperm count is measured as number of sperms in a millimeter of semen. A normal sperm count is equal to 15 million sperm count per mm of semen. The sperm count revitalise after  every 36 to 48 hours. But having excessive sex i.e. daily it hurts the quality of semen decreasing the no. of sperms. Hence, the possibilities of having a baby become minimal. Having sex every other day is a safe bet for conception.  

  1. Increase the quality of semen.

Quality of semen depends on various factors: 

  • Quantity.  The count of the number of sperms in semen when you eject semen during sexual climax.
  • Movement(Motility). It explains  how swiftly or efficiently  your sperm float towards the female’s egg.  50% of your sperm should be moving.
  • Structure.  Normal sperm have egg-shaped heads and long tails. Sperm use these tails to float to the egg. 

Infertility of men can be attributed to decreased semen quality. Reports suggest that lazy lifestyle and poor eating habits affect its condition. To improve the state of the latter do exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet. Staying healthy boosts your mood and the sperm count. 

  1. Sleep tight and remove stress

Healthy stress free sleep is vital to aid ovulation and the semen quality.   Non- stop sound sleep for at least seven hours can work wonders. Unplug all the other gadgets like T.V. , mobiles etc. and take a cozy nap in a comfortable bedding. Stress  and work goes hand in hand. Removing stress is not as difficult as it sounds, for the sake of having a baby it’s easily possible.

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