How To Cure Infertility After Eating Contraceptive Medicine?

If women take a contraceptive medicine that does not mean that it is because they do not want to conceive ever. They want to conceive but when the time is right.

If you too have been consuming contraceptive pills, then you must be wondering how long would it take for you to get pregnant. But again, the answer will not be the same for every woman, as everyone’s body is different. Plus, there are several factors such as one’s overall health, age, etc., that will come into consideration. This is why make sure to visit a sex specialist who will provide you with the right solution and help.

There are several solutions such as Ayurveda as well as specialists that you can visit to get the answer to this problem if it is bothering you. But for now, let us first understand as to how pills work?

The chief work of the pills is to ensure that the hormonal balance is consistent. It tends to slow down the peak of estrogen as this is what leads to ovulation. The pills also work towards thickening the cervical mucus. This way the egg remains protected from the sperm. When you consume it every day at the same time, it will be able to help you prevent pregnancy as much as 90% of the time.

If you wish to conceive you will need to stop taking the medicine. Again, the amount of time that will be needed for the woman’s body to come back to its complete fertility cycle again would differ from one woman to another. Remember that as one age the ability to conceive decreases. This is why once when the body gets adapted to consuming contraceptive pills regularly; it would get a bit difficult to conceive quickly.

There are however a few methods that you can try when you have stopped taking the contraceptive pills and are ready to conceive.

  • The Barrier technique

Do not use any form of a barrier the next time you have intercourse with your partner. Do not use barriers such as a female and male condom, sponge, diaphragm, gel, film, cervical cap, spermicidal foam, etc.

  • Combination hormonal methods

This particular technique includes patches for skin, rings, and pills. This is because these come with progestin and estrogen. Once you have stopped taking the pills, you will be able to conceive faster. Usually, half the percentage of women has been able to conceive within three months after they stopped taking the pills. How fast will a woman conceive again will be different based on their body, age, and other factors!

  • Progestin-only hormonal technique

This particular technique includes taking pills, opting for a shot, and the implant. With the implant technique, you will be able to conceive as soon as it gets removed. It will not take more than three to eighteen months; post you have taken the last shot.

The mini-pill or also commonly known as the progestin-only pill in most cases has not delayed fertility in women. Usually, women are capable of conceiving within the first six months post they have stopped taking the pill.


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