How to Get Prepared For Your Honeymoon?

Looks like the wedding season is just around the corner! These days one of the sad core reasons as to why marriages break is due to issues related to sexual weakness. This is why, one needs to ensure that their partner feels satisfied with them (all the time), and the honeymoon stage plays an imperative role, to start with.

These days premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunction is commonly found issues in men. But if you too are feeling weary or anticipating the big day and wish everything to start smoothly, you need to ensure that such issues primarily get resolved. Make sure to meet a specialist if need be and work on improving your sexual health. You cannot take intimate aspects of a married life lightly.

Every couple gets thrilled as well as nervous when it comes to their honeymoon night. This is why both of the couples need to ensure that they are educated and well aware of this topic.

We have listed below a guide that will help your marriage to start on sound and steady grounds. The honeymoon period is the time when you connect with your partner, relax, and have some private time together. You both get to understand each other, hence striking the right mental and physical connection is necessary.

  • Get set with sex education

You need to ensure that you are aware of what women desire and want and hence knowing the basic feminine anatomy is crucial. You need to connect with her emotionally at the same time know how to get her aroused. You must always bear in mind that women need a bit of a warm-up session and hence, lovemaking plays a vital role. It makes her feel wanted, fulfilled, and satisfied to take the next step. Even though men do usually climax faster, know about the clitoris and how to grant her some fulfilling sexual pleasure.

  • Take time and talk

Make sure that you both ways before the honeymoon night, talk to each other about your likes and expectations. When done so, you both will be aware of what to proceed with. Also, it will help in showering some positive and happier experience when doing so for the first time. Imagine together and talk about any ideas that you wish to experience on your honeymoon night. Whatever that you both like, make sure that you both have an open dialogue about it.

  • Be touchy and playful

One of the best ways to get closer physically with your partner is to stay light and playful with each other. Not only will this help your minds relax but also will help unfold more sexual possibilities between you both. It’s best to steer away from tension and relax with each other. This helps to connect the body and mind in a far better way. This is the best time to get flirty and make the moment even more enjoyable. If you want to get the game more adventurous, try to state what your preferences are and enjoy as the game unfolds.

  • Keep it as simple for starters

We understand you must be having tons of fantasies bombarding through your mind, but during the honeymoon period, it’s better to stay simple rather than trying to jump to pornographic conclusions. That’s not fair and won’t work for you as you both are starting to explore more of each other. Relax and connect as this will lead you both to connect better and gain greater libido in the process. Also, remember no one is perfect. Do not get nervous with performance pressure. With time you both will hit the spot.

Dr. Satinder SinghHow to Get Prepared For Your Honeymoon?

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