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How to Get Prepared For Your Honeymoon?

Looks like the wedding season is just around the corner! These days one of the sad core reasons as to why marriages break is due to issues related to sexual weakness. This is why, one needs to ensure that their partner feels satisfied with them (all the time), and the honeymoon stage plays an imperative


How Regular Consultation Can Help You Stay Happy

There are so many people who do not want to talk to doctors or sex consultants when it comes to resolving issues about their body or sex life. But hardly do they understand that sex therapy can help them gradually get over issues which they are trying to combat silently. There are several reasons why

Improve low sexual desire

Seven Precious Tips to Help You Get Better At Sex Life

If your, sexual life is not smooth. Do not worry much because you are not alone. You are living in a time where you can consult sexologist and share your problems. Each year we set resolutions where we make list of do’s and don’ts. Maximum people want to lose weight and keep an eye on

Monetary issues in relationship

Ways to Feel Closer To Each Other Even In Long Distance Relationships

Any relationship or marriage needs a strong foundation. Its prime factor to grow beautifully is intimacy. One needs to have understanding and have deep knowledge about their better half. This would typically come when you both spend quality time with each other. This is why a sexologist would ask a couple to spend a lot

Sexologist Consultation for after marriage sex life problems

It is known fact that passion in any relationship flow of gradually with time. We start seeing each other when we find some bonding. Two people connect and when they realize that they can happily spend their rest of life with each other marriages happens. When you are just love bird, you spend maximum time