Ways to Feel Closer To Each Other Even In Long Distance Relationships

Any relationship or marriage needs a strong foundation. Its prime factor to grow beautifully is intimacy. One needs to have understanding and have deep knowledge about their better half. This would typically come when you both spend quality time with each other.

This is why a sexologist would ask a couple to spend a lot of time together or probably one time together. This helps one to gain understanding about the other. You also get time to understand the qualities your other half possesses and to adjust accordingly. This is one of the core reasons why couples who have to experience long distance relationships, would from time to time undergo a few difficult challenges. One has to keep away from their partner, both physically and emotionally. En you don’t spend ample time with your partner, you start to gradually miss the minor details of your partner. Even though at times we feel little details are not much important, yet when seen closely, that is what brings you closer to that special person, as compared to the others around.

You need to have regular conversations with your partner or depend on Skype or video chats from time to time. This is how couples usually have to deal with long distance relationships .however there are ways to feel closer to your partner even when you both are not together. A few of them have been mentioned below:


Do visit each other’s houses 

When you spend weekends together you get to notice the finer details about your partner. However, when you visit their home, you get a chance to understand the way in which your partner leads his or her everyday life. You tend to get more intimate with your partner only when you develop a deep sense of familiarity about them. The ground to know your partner better is through their home.

Becoming an over-sharer gets you both closer

 One of the best ways to build your intimacy level with your partner, especially when you both are apart is to talk. Talk about how your day was and ask your partner about how was his or her day. Even though you feel the details are not vital, you need to still state them all.

Carry on with video chats, EVERYDAY

It does not matter how busy you have been in a day, you will have to take time for video chats. This means doing it every day, even if it is for a few minute, on some days. This tends to build a strong relationship and intimacy between you both. With steady visual connections you both will grow a sense of familiarity amongst yourselves. This builds up the confidence and you feel better. This also makes you feel that you know your partner better.

Do send pictures to your partner, OFTEN

One of the quickest and easiest of ways to share your daily experiences with your partner is to click pictures and forward it. This way you are also proving to your partner, about your sense of transparency. This in a very strong way does help to keep the trust alive.

Stay ready always to learn about new things

It does not matter how deep your level of intimacy is, when you live apart, there would be things about your partner that you may not know of, in details. Be it the new dish or the work drama that’s happening, there is always something new to hear about. Always try to not get jealous of the people your partner is around with. This means, people who might know a bit more details than you would, at this juncture.

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