Taboo about Birth Control Methods

From time immemorial, we have been surrounded with myths concerning different subjects and this also encompasses the topic of birth control techniques. But always keep one thing in mind that it is not wise of you to follow everything that you come across blindly.

It is good to go ahead and take medicines if need be when it comes to selecting a method for controlling your pregnancy. It is you who needs to do the planning but do so carefully. Not everything you hear and come across is true.

So we have listed below about a few of the birth control options and what are the things that should actually matter to you, for real. Remember that it is not apt of you to start swaying and accepting every myth or so called facts that is posted before you, when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. When you need to use a condom do so, if pills need to be taken, take but, but the right way.

Myth No. 1: Start consuming pills and you will gain tons of weight

One thing that irks and perplexes women way too much is to start gaining weight when they take birth control medicines or pills.

However this must not be your concern at all. Even though different women and their bodies do react differently, you need to be aware of the fact that taking pills for avoiding pregnancy nowhere will lead you to gain in weight. It may happen to a few due to other reasons, however not for taking Pills, for sure. Always remember that when you lead an active life, and exercise regularly, with the right intake of food, you will stay absolutely healthy and fit.

Myth No. 2: Your rate of fertility gets highly affected when you let go off the hormonal contraceptives

People and rumor have collectively conceived and accepted the myth that if one starts to prevent pregnancy, then in the future it would get way too harder for them to get pregnancy when they finally let go of the pills. However the fact here is that even though getting back your fertility rate into the normal stance may get a little but delayed, it will not do any other harm such as affect your pregnancy or chances of getting pregnant in the future. Remember that infertility is something else and not at all related to the side effects of taking birth control pills.

Once your ovulation cycle starts you again get the chance to get pregnancy. Almost 50% of women do start ovulating right from the very first month after they stop consuming the birth control medicine. Many will start ovulating in the very first 3 to 6 months time after quitting the pills.

Myth No. 3:  It is not wise of you to take birth control pills on a regular basis

At times it could be fine for women to take some break, especially those who are encountering breakthrough bleeding. When you stop taking pills on such a time, it will help you get back to your normal state within a matter of 4 to 5 days. However, apart from this, those women who are taking contraceptive pills on regular basis do not require quitting the intake of the pills, unless they want to get conceived.

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