How Do Sex Toys Impact Your Sex Life?

In the past few years the demand of sex toys has been on the rise. In fact as per the research, the taboo that was linked to sex toys led to increase in curiosity. This is what led to couples and individuals start focusing on toys and technologies which would help to improve their love life.

Sex toy has undeniably helped couples to improve their sex life in a great way. It lays a huge impact on your relationship with your partner and in the positive way, of course. But there are some deeper points which we get to know about sex toys and how they impact ones sexual satisfaction, when included inside the bedroom.

Researcher Michael Reece who is a Ph.D. went ahead and carried on with a huge research work. This study came out with the result that not only do couples benefit from sex toys. In fact, men who were heterosexual in the United States alone did also use a lot of sex toys, and vibrators came out being the sex toy which was high in demand. In fact, these men who had included sex toys into the bedroom with their partners did also report that they felt lower level of satisfaction, than those who had never used sex toys along with their partners, ever. However, heterosexual men did also confirm that they used these toys only to boost the pleasure level of their partners, and not theirs.

However, this also brings us to a point those men who would have been suggested by their partners to include sex toys inside the bed room might reflect that they were not faring well, when it came to measuring their sexual ability alone. If this would have been the case, then this could have been a reason behind why the level of satisfaction of a few men was a bit low, when the sex toy was included into the bedroom, alongside their partner. For sure, no one would like to feel that they are not good enough and fulfilling when in bed.

But again there are misconceptions in several cases. A very common ne is, when sex toy is included inside the bedroom, this means that your partner is not good enough to satisfy you. It is possible however from one partner’s point of view that their partner uses sex toys too often, and this may end up getting them replaced. It is also possible that one would end up getting highly dependent on toys, when it came to getting aroused, which again would not be acceptable by many partners.

Again, this does not mean that every man who uses sex vibrators with their partner will feel that their love life is at risk or their partner is always left feeling unsatisfied. No that’s wrong to even consider, for every case. The other research which was done by Reece again, came out highlighting some different prospective. In fact, this time, couples who were using sex toys did reach orgasm quickly, could reduce erectile function disorders, and satisfied sexual desire in a greater way than men who never had used one inside the bedroom.

Basically couples can explore and discover sex toys together from time to time. Apart from this they could try other new ways to improve their sexual relation with each other such as try new positions, go out for date nights from time to time and take showers together.  In case of any consultation, please drop us a message or schedule an appointment with Sexologist now.

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