Important Ways in Which You Can Strengthen Intimacy in Your Relationship

Marriage is based on trust, intimacy, sincerity, commitment and conviction. If any one of the factors becomes weaker then problems arise.

Marriage problems creates disturbance in one’s personal life so it is better to solve the problems as quickly as possible. Life is very complex and most of us get engaged in our business or work to earn our livings. Our lives and our marriage relationship become just a routine matter. We start paying less interest in our family affairs. We start ignoring our children and wife due to the work load and take things for granted. The situation will gradually create problems in the married life and soon life will deteriorate, peace will disappear and misery will set in.

To increase intimacy, you must always be in touch with your family and wife. You can follow some simple ways such as; going to bed with your wife together and helping her in her household work. It is not necessary that you have to get engaged in sex with your wife but you can share the love and affection of each other’s company.

Call your wife from your office just to show her that you care for her. It’s just a casual call also enquire about your children. These gestures will prove that you care for your family. The gestures will bring appreciation and intimacy.

While returning home from your office, you can buy small gifts for your family. Your children and wife will love it. Celebrate special occasions in a special way with your family. This will bring closeness with your partner. Celebrate your marriage anniversary and birthdays of your children and wife in a grand way.

It is true that over years marriage life becomes routine and stale so it is vital that you must alter your thoughts and give a new viewpoint. Make your marriage interesting and thrilling. You can do this by taking your wife and family for a vacation. Do not join work just keep the holidays exclusively for your family. Go to a hill-station or to a sea beach. Enjoy the holiday with your family. This will refresh you and will make your life more interesting.

Take your family for a picnic and enjoy the day. Your wife will love it. She will understand that you care for her and still love her. This will bring intimacy between you and your wife.

Keep your communication always open with your family. Discuss your critical and crucial issues with your wife so that she feels honored and respected. Listen and share your family’s matter carefully and try to solve the issues. Let your family speak out without fear all their hopes and dreams to you. Try to understand their point of view and give your suggestion if required.

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Dr. Satinder SinghImportant Ways in Which You Can Strengthen Intimacy in Your Relationship

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