Is Sex The Only Requirement When It Comes To Keeping Couples Bonded?

When it comes to a lasting and enduring relationship, is it sex that only matters? Even though a few people may agree on that point, yet when it comes to viewing the whole picture, things are a bit complicated.

Let us now a deeper look about this matter and get to know things better.

There was a research done on married couples and it did show that they did indulge in sex more frequently. Usually when couples are married they get physical more often than couples who have been in a relationship and married for long. This with time helps to lay a positive impact between the couple, usually in the case of ones who are recently married. But with time one may notice lack of desires with passing of time. With energy level sinking and level of intimacy getting low, you may lose sexual connection with your partner. This does happen with time.

But everything does not depend on sex life alone when you want to build a strong bond and thriving relationship with your partner. At the same time only sex does not enhance ones marital bond.

In that case what are the important areas that a couple should reflex upon and do to keep their love and level of intimacy always intact? The bond with your partner will increase with time based in different outlooks. You both as a couple will need to form goals. There also needs to be a sense of spiritual connection as this will help you both to stay on the same wavelength. If the core increases, this will help to sustain your romantic bond with you partner.

  • Radical Transparency

 This means that the level of communication between both the partners should be transparent and truthful. In fact this is a two way process. You should be ready to hear and understand the feelings of your partner, his desires, wishes and revealing your inner feeling to your partner without any fear or inhibition. This will help too reveal one’s fears and vulnerabilities. You will get to understand your partner’s desires and what their view points are on different areas.

  • Sharing the stage

 In this stage both partners should understand and give mutual respect and equality to each other. If one is wrong, the other should not submit them to their partner’s decision or none of the partner must get dominating. For example, if you are in a stage of taking a decision, then there would definitely be a few differences arising. But the decision should only be made after visualizing what would be a positive outcome and be best for the relationship. Do not let loose your ego in such moments.

  • Good or positive vibrations

 Both of the partners should ensure that they create their physical-sexual relationship from the point of radical transparency and sharing the stage, as mentioned above. This way, even the level of communication between the partners will stay comfortable and positive. This will extend to a higher stage and both of your sexual needs will also be taken care of comfortably.

When you take out some “adult” time for each other, ensure that you do so, and do it without kinds being around. This is clear that partners who do build and thrive to take these efforts seriously, they do help to sustain a healthy relationship regarding every phase and area. Contact us or Drop us a message in case of online consultation regarding any problem related to sex life.

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adminIs Sex The Only Requirement When It Comes To Keeping Couples Bonded?