Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Your Stamina

If you are amongst those batches of people who take fitness seriously, even to the most basic level, you would understand how important stamina is for you. Having an increased stamina is crucial, because you do not want to start huffing and puffing as a steam engine, within minutes of your workout session. The good

Cycling boosts your stamina

How Cycling Boosts Your Stamina?

There are many ways to keep your body fit and healthy. Walking, swimming, jogging, running and cycling can keep your body fit and healthy. There are many health benefits in cycling. It tones your muscles, particularly the leg and thigh muscles. It improves the cardiovascular health and assists in better blood flow. Cycling is very

Important Ways in Which You Can Strengthen Intimacy in Your Relationship

Marriage is based on trust, intimacy, sincerity, commitment and conviction. If any one of the factors becomes weaker then problems arise. Marriage problems creates disturbance in one’s personal life so it is better to solve the problems as quickly as possible. Life is very complex and most of us get engaged in our business or


Improve Your Sex Life after Having Kids

Sexual intimacy has a crucial role in the success of a marriage. It is this intimacy that helps in creating passion and romance. It’s something that strengthens your relationship beyond anything and also keeps you interested in the relationship itself. However, things change with almost every couple when they have kids. In fact, couples can

Are you addicted to masturbation?

Masturbation is one of common sexual activity which at some point in life everybody does or some practice at regular interval. One thing you need to memorize that, it is perfectly normal for humans. Masturbation refers to sexual pleasure; achieving an orgasm without physical intimacy. It has been scientifically proved that it’s not only human who does it

How sexologist can help you in living a healthy sex life?

We all are having sex life. Question is how many people have healthy sex life. When it comes to having a healthy sex life, our theory goes wrong and we fall apart. A good sex life doesn’t mean you need to have sex on daily basis. Healthy sex life has other aspects and comprises many things which

How to turn on your partner for sex?

Not every time your partner is ready for intercourse. When everyone wants sex almost as frequently as they can? Why your partner is refraining from sex? There could be many reasons behind this. It’s only you who can figure out and help yourself in enjoying passionate sex life. Physical intimacy is not only fun; it connects with your

Enjoy good sex life by keeping your cholesterol low

Our body has cholesterol even if we don’t consume food with cholesterol. Liver makes all cholesterol which is required for body to function properly. Problem start only when we eat food with much fat, our body starts making too much cholesterol. High cholesterol is growing risk factor among men and women from health as well as from sex

How Pornography affects your sex life?

Now days, access to Pornography is very easy using internet. Everybody watches it or does some erotic stuff to get satisfaction. It is part of our private life. With single click you can find tons of pornography. If porn is introduced correctly it can help you improve your intimacy. Men and women both watch porn

Consult Sexologist : How to Recover from Sexual Weakness Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes causes a lot of health problems, sexual problem is one of them. When you have physical intimacy, circulation of blood is high in comparison to normal condition. Blood flows through sexual organs during sex, it gets disrupted when you are diabetic patient. If you get correct medication and follow recommended lifestyle, you will be