Are you addicted to masturbation?

Masturbation is one of common sexual activity which at some point in life everybody does or some practice at regular interval. One thing you need to memorize that, it is perfectly normal for humans. Masturbation refers to sexual pleasure; achieving an orgasm without physical intimacy. It has been scientifically proved that it’s not only human who does it but also different species of mammal. Masturbation is totally safe and would be practiced. It does not cause any kind of health related problems.

Addiction of masturbation

One of the common questions is; why people masturbate? There are apparent reasons behind it. Some people enjoy doing it for sexual pleasure. When you don’t have partner for physical intimacy you somehow start doing it, which is pretty normal and there is nothing to ashamed about. It has been seen that couple also like masturbation. You play with your partner genital. In former case, people get habituated to masturbation this lead to addiction. Addiction of masturbation is wrong. It is just simple thinking, you are looking for physical intimacy and you fill this void with masturbation which causes depression. If you are mentally fit enough to let it go, there is no problem in masturbation. But in all cases it has been seen people who masturbate regularly have guilt. Once you start feeling guilt it impacts your self-esteem. Losing self-esteem is not good it further make you believe that; this is the only way of happiness. In this condition it becomes difficult to live your life fullest.

Masturbation may lead to premature ejaculation

It’s not like all who masturbate suffer from premature ejaculation but some does. There is slight difference in physical intimacy and masturbation. Former is act of love where we lose control and play spontaneously. When you masturbate your entire focus is on orgasm and how quickly you get it. This changes your hormones and for some people it causes premature ejaculation, as they don’t know the act of sex. Their body functions just the way it does at the time of masturbation. In all above scenario you need to consult sexologist. Dr. Satinder is having experience of more than 5 year in treating patient, who is suffering from any kind of sexual problem. You can fill the online sexual consultation form. Your information will be confidential.

Dr. Satinder SinghAre you addicted to masturbation?

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