Improve Your Sex Life after Having Kids

Sexual intimacy has a crucial role in the success of a marriage. It is this intimacy that helps in creating passion and romance. It’s something that strengthens your relationship beyond anything and also keeps you interested in the relationship itself. However, things change with almost every couple when they have kids. In fact, couples can go without a spell of sexual intimacy for a long time after having children. Often such relationships turn sour and can require the intervention of a sexologist.

So how can you improve your sex life after having kids? Follow these tips.

1. Make Different Bed for Kids

Once your child is out of the cradle, make a different bed for them. Most parents get into the routine of allowing their kids to sleep with them as they grow. This is one of the common causes why couples loose intimacy.

Ask any sexologist and they will tell you that allowing kids to sleep in your bed is a quick way to extinguish that flame of romance and passion between husband and wife. You can still be affectionate parents without the need to have them sleeping in your bed. All you have to do is make it part of the routine and discipline that they have their own bed.

2. Find Time for the Two of You

Another key issue that arises after having kids is that couples no longer find time for each other. The easiest trick to trigger the same old sexual intimacy is to find time to do things of interest together.

This can be anything like having a bath together, listening to music, spending time watching a sensual movie, or anything else you used to do once.

Ask any sexologist and they will tell you that it is important to give as much importance to your marital relationship as to the kid’s needs. It can take some time to practice intimacy again, but you will get back to what was earlier after a few tries.

3. Innovative Foreplay

With kids around you most of the time, it is natural that you will find too less of your private time viagra wo bestellen. Instead of spending that time on the old way of physical foreplay, it will be best to innovate your foreplay so that you can spend your private time doing the actual thing.

It is not necessary that the foreplay be physical all the time. A well placed kiss or caress can be enough to ignite the flame. Sending a sexy text message can be another idea.

4. Start Paying Attention to Yourself

One of the reasons couples loose intimacy between them after having kids is that women are so much focused on the kids that they stop taking care of themselves. All you need is taking tiny steps towards looking beautiful and sexy again.

At the same time, men should also reassure their spouse about their affection and how good they look. Every sexologist agrees that improving sex life is more about how you feel for each other than you look. Still, improving your looks can go a long way.

So follow these tips and you will be able to notice significant improvements in your sexual intimacy after having kids.

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