The Connection between Exercise and Sperm Quality

Low sperm quality and premature ejaculation (PE) are the two most commonly occurring sexual problems among men. PE affects between 20% and 30% of men and most of the cases go unreported because couples hesitate discussing the issue with sexologists. Both PE and low sperm quality are common conditions. The exact causes of the conditions are expected to be both of physiological and biological nature. Studies show that exercise can improve sperm quality and this can have an overall positive effect on a man’s sexual life.

So what do these studies show?

Running & Jogging

Studies show that running or jogging for 30-45 minutes can help in improving sperm volume, concentration and motility. You can achieve these results within a few months of practicing regularly. According to researchers, it is recommended to exercise 3 to 5 sessions every week. It can have a big impact on the quality of your sperm and also affect your premature ejaculation problem.

If you cannot run, it can be just 30 minutes of brisk walking each session. Researchers, from multiple studies in different parts of the world, have found that regular exercise affects the quality of sperms, even the abnormal ones.

Avoid Sedentary Lives

If you are serious about fighting premature ejaculation and sperm quality issues, you should avoid leading a sedentary life. Researchers and sexologists have a simple way to define it. If you lead a sedentary life, you will have ‘sedentary’ sperms. If you want to have a baby, this is a serious matter. It is also a concerning issue if you want to have a healthier sexual life with your partner.

Research has also shown that the improvement in sperm quality reduces when a man stops exercising. Unhealthy lifestyle is thus a key factor that contributes to these sexual problems in men.

Effects of Premature Ejaculation

Although there is no health problem that can be caused by premature ejaculation, it can create personal and emotional problems. Increasing stress and anxiety is among these issues. Fertility-related problems are also major concerns. Fertilization can often become impossible or difficult because of both PE and sperm quality issues.


How Exercise Works?

Researchers have found that exercise helps the body by improving the markers associated with oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is associated with unhealthy lifestyle and causes damage to the sperm and sexual health.

Exercise is also beneficial in improving the overall male reproductive function. The type, duration and intensity of exercise are also key factors that make an impact on reproductive health. Researchers have long been unable to determine the exact cause of premature ejaculation. However, more recently the condition has been linked to physiological and biological causes. The condition can be of short-term and long-term nature. Anxiety, problems in relationship, erectile dysfunction, and even the tendency to hurry through sexual activity can be the causes.

So if you want to improve your reproductive life, it is recommended to start exercising regularly. It can improve a wide range of conditions including premature ejaculation and low sperm quality.

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