Enjoy good sex life by keeping your cholesterol low

Our body has cholesterol even if we don’t consume food with cholesterol. Liver makes all cholesterol which is required for body to function properly. Problem start only when we eat food with much fat, our body starts making too much cholesterol. High cholesterol is growing risk factor among men and women from health as well as from sex life points of view. High cholesterol increases the risk of heart stroke.

Cholesterol Impede Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of male sexual disorder which can cause needless harm on your romantic life. There are many more reason of erectile dysfunction like stress, tiredness and also high cholesterol. Too much cholesterol disrupts blood flow. For proper erection blood flow is necessary while having physical intimacy. It is not only male who gets infection by cholesterol. Women also can’t have a great sex life when they are suffering from high cholesterol. It stops blood reaching pelvic region so it becomes difficult for women to get aroused. Lubrication prior to physical intimacy is normal in women but with high cholesterol it becomes hard to get it. It is really very painful for women to have sex in these times, as well as it also becomes difficult for men to penetrate. No one wants painful sex when it is for pleasure.

Low cholesterol diet good for sex life and also for health

You need to eliminate saturated fat from your diet. People who eat meat or animal products are more at risk of raising cholesterol. Balance diet is not only good for your sex life but it also good from health points of view. In daily life you do not have sex every second. You need to be healthy for living your routine life, it’s not easy to cope with the challenges we meet in our daily life. You should take soy, beans in your diet. Consider it as replacement of meat and cheese; it helps you in cutting your saturated fat. Last but not the least; exercise will help you in loosing extra weight you have added which is preventing you from doing many more things in your life. Exercise regularly to keep yourself fit make it part of your life like any habit.

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