Consult Sexologist : How to Recover from Sexual Weakness Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes causes a lot of health problems, sexual problem is one of them. When you have physical intimacy, circulation of blood is high in comparison to normal condition. Blood flows through sexual organs during sex, it gets disrupted when you are diabetic patient. If you get correct medication and follow recommended lifestyle, you will be able to delay the complications. Men and women both suffer different sexual problems when they are diabetic patient. For some women with diabetes inflammation of the vagina can occur again and again. It makes sex painful reasons are itching or burn in vagina. It causes vaginal dryness that’s why it causes problem in penetration. It also affects menstrual cycle.

Your blood sugar level can affect performance

High or low blood glucose levels will make you feel always tired. It won’t let you cheer your mood for sex. For sex you need freshness, and then only you can enjoy good intercourse. Especially in men it cause disturbance in their sex life. It affects your ability to get erection or in other word you might be facing erectile dysfunction problem. This problem is treatable but can spoil your mood. As in men it causes erectile dysfunction in women clitoris may fail to respond stimulation. If you are facing erectile problem again and again it may lead to impotency. Blood circulation is reduced in diabetic condition. Cells which help your muscle get an erection are not able to rise to during sex.

Natural cure for diabetic patient facing sexual problem

One of the biggest problems with diabetes is overweight, so it is really necessary to check your diet. Food with more protein, selenium, zinc and Vitamin E would be taken. Eating fresh fruits help in controlling sugar. If papaya, guava and apple eaten in balance, it will help you in controlling your sugar level. One of the biggest myths surrounding diabetes is avoiding sugar. But if you plan your diet properly you can eat whatever you want. Don’t forget to do exercise on regular basis. Exercise to keep yourself fit, hard exercise is not necessary. Above all it will be good if you meet our specialist in this condition and ask for proper diet plan. They will help you in treating diabetes and its complication.

Dr. Satinder SinghConsult Sexologist : How to Recover from Sexual Weakness Caused by Diabetes

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