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Things to Take Care Post Marriage

Marriage is not at all as easy as many people before marriage deem. But you need to remember that all that phrases such as, “don’t ever sleep in an angry mood” or “always stick to the truth and never lie” are just a few phrases that newlyweds are advised to follow. However the truth is;

Consult Sexologist : How to Recover from Sexual Weakness Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes causes a lot of health problems, sexual problem is one of them. When you have physical intimacy, circulation of blood is high in comparison to normal condition. Blood flows through sexual organs during sex, it gets disrupted when you are diabetic patient. If you get correct medication and follow recommended lifestyle, you will be

Practice Ayurveda for treating sexual problems

We talk openly about any health problems but when it comes to sexual problems we feel it is completely private. Sexual problems are like any other health issues which need to be addressed properly. It’s not only male suffer from sexual problems but female too. Major sexual problems among men are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, nocturnal emission and