Solve Male Sexual problems by Ayurvedic Remedies

Male sexual problems have always debated and felt weird when it comes to discussing the size of their penises. Since the dawn of time, this has been quite a talked about debate and what size is regarded as optimum. Sadly, this debate just does not want to come to a conclusive end, leaving men in a much more debatable condition regarding male sexual problems.

So many people around feel that the smaller the size of the penis is, there could be infertility issues or low stamina in men when they perform any sexual act! All of this makes men feel more awkward and they wish they had more rigid and bigger body parts, especially this one!

They also feel that the image of their body feels tarnished and women would never appreciate them if the size is smaller. This ends up taking a toll on their mental health drastically.

Yet with small changes day after day, in dietary as well as lifestyle, one can notice a huge improvement in the size of their penis. For some great help and visible changes in the size, ensure that you start to apply the given ayurvedic remedies. Not only will it be useful in growing the size but also help you deal with different sorts of sexual dysfunctions such as PE (premature ejaculation) and ED (erectile dysfunction), helping one’s stamina to rise, or improving the quality of sperm.

There is no doubt that there are allopathic as well as herbal remedies available too. But ayurvedic treatment is one of the most effective ones and one that comes without any side effects.

Ayurvedic remedies to provide strength and increase one’s penis size:

Kaunch Beej

When you want to grow the size of your penis, one of the most sought after and effective herb that works for this purpose is Kaunchbeej. This herb comes with the powerful component and effects of L Dopa. This is an amino acid, which sends a signal to the brain to produce more dopamine. It is a hormone as well as a neurotransmitter.

The work of dopamine is to stimulate the pituitary gland, which then works towards releasing the hormone testosterone. This entire cycle is known to help one gain higher gratification of sex and also increase the health of muscle.

Safed Musli

It is commonly known as Divya Aushadhi. Safed Musli is one of the very known and powerful herbs that help male sexual dysfunction issues. When taken in the right proportion and time, it helps to produce good quality sperm and even produces it in greater quantity.

It helps to raise the testosterone level in a male’s body. Due to all these useful properties especially for men, it's known as Herbal Viagra too.


This is a compound that is black and sticky. You get it in the Himalayan region, which means at a higher altitude. This particular herb is useful for improving the sexual health of men. It is known to have some great minerals which tend to be biologically active. It provides rigidity and strength to the penis, overall provides great stamina in men.

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