Hot Lemon Water – Are You Aware of The Benefits?

It seems like everyone is talking about lemon water these days. It seems to be the “it” thing, be it for healthy skin or for your overall internal self. There are tons of restaurants that serve you lemon water routinely. Many people, in fact, start their day with it. But do you actually know about the best lemon water holds and how much benefit it actually blesses your body with? Rather than simply routinely following a ritual, it is always good to first understand it and then get set with the following habit. This way you will be more than enthusiast to carry the habit for a lifetime, as you will always be motivated to carry on as you know, eventfully you are reaping benefits out of what you are following.

No doubt about the fact that lemon water tastes good. But now, let us dig deeper and understand how beneficial it is for our bodies. Is it just a hyped subject or does it actually benefit us truly? In fact, a bit of scientific research work has also been done on this topic.


It keeps us hydrated

As per the Food and Nutrition Board, women, in general, must get at least 91 ounces of water in a day while men must get at least 125 ounces. All of this includes water that we attain both from food and drinks. Water is definitely one of the best ways to get hydrated, but sadly so many of us do not like its taste. Thus gets limited when it comes to consuming it. This is where lemon water comes to our rescue. A report also states that it works towards improving infertility issues. It adds taste to the water. Thus making it easier to consume water in greater portions. It does enhance the overall taste of water. Hence, helping you to stay hydrated without feeling the mundane taste of water.

Get your vitamin C in proper proportion

We are all aware of the fact that how essential vitamin C is for our body. The best way to get a huge portion of it is by consuming lemon as it is loaded with Vitamin C. it is one of the chief sources of getting antioxidant. This is how it helps to protect the cells of our body. Even though so many people say that it helps to limit the duration of cold, no proper research results have been confirmed about it, so far!


Vitamin C can help one from stroke and heart-related diseases

Even though there are different fruits and sources of obtaining Vitamin C lemon water turns out is a great way. As per the United States Department of Agriculture Trusted Source, by a single lemon, you can attain 8.6 milligrams of Vitamin C. In the case of adults; the recommended amount is 65 to 90 milligrams, per day.


Fighting weight loss issues? Time to try lemon water

It has been revealed that lemon contains polyphenol antioxidants. This is one element that has worked wonders when it comes to reducing weight loss in mice. To be more precise, to reduce the weight of those mice which are being fed to gain weight. It also helped to reduce glucose levels in the blood and improve the state of insulin too in the mice. It works for those suffering from Premature Ejaculation problems. These are the two basic causes when it comes to the development of Type-2 Diabetes.

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