Is heredity / genetics / Inheritance responsible for sexual problems

A hereditary disorder is any disease which is caused by genotype. Most of the time, genetic disorders are inherited from a parent or from someone who is your family lineage. There are many diseases people can inherit, but the most common condition is heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc. Sexual disorders are not often genetic. Most of the sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation happens because of psychological reasons, and sometimes physical conditions can also cause sexual diseases. However, some of the claims from scientists are that people may inherit sexual disorders. There are different research on a different problem.

Premature ejaculation is in your genes

There are fewer things on the earth that we want to delay. You can keep premature ejaculation in that category. Most of the people suffer from early ejaculation problem. Physical stamina, psychic alterations are the reason to cause this ejaculation problem. One of the research published in the BBC health section suggests that premature ejaculation could be in your genes. It is an exciting find from may aspects. One thing is clear that early ejaculation problems are not purely psychological. Researchers are working on drugs that cause hormones to behave favorably. In the meantime, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation problems. It would be best to consult a sexologist. It will help if you do the required thing that will help you in getting rid of the situation.

Genetic cause for erectile dysfunction

Middle to older aged people suffer from one of the common sexual problems, erectile dysfunction. High-risk factors that cause erectile dysfunction are age, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and smoking. Conditions like stress or relationship issues also cause erectile dysfunction. These conditions are not transferable from parents to children. Your lifestyle is also contributing to the condition like erectile dysfunction. The study suggests the cause of erectile dysfunction could be specific genetic factors as well. The sample size used for genetic contributors to erectile dysfunction is small. That’s the reason there is no confirmation that genetic factors are the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Although, This study does suggest a particular genetic cause for erectile dysfunction.

Low sexual desire

You must be knowing that sex plays a vital role in any relationship. A corporal charm helps you reduce the conflict sometimes. If you or your partner is having low libido, it is not good. Low libido is the term sex doctors prefer for little sexual desire. The scientist has found that sex desired may be influenced by your genes also. It is up to you to keep this piece of research in good news or not. But, it is true that one of the hormone dopamine controls brain functions. It is one of the hormones that gene influences. The researcher has not confirmed yet that how precisely genetic change can help you grow your sex desire.

Going by all the research, it is hard to say that genes are the reason for sexual disorders. In a condition like sexual disorder, it would be best if you visit the doctor directly. The researchers have not come to a precise conclusion yet. In any situation, meeting with the doctor is going to give you a concrete solution. We understand it is not easy to open for sexual problems. At the same time, delaying things will only aggravate the situation. It is not going to help anyway. So, what are you waiting for, Book an appointment? You need to come out of the closet to bring elation in your sex life.

adminIs heredity / genetics / Inheritance responsible for sexual problems

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