Psychogenic factors that can cause male sexual problems like erectile dysfunction

Sexual disorders are becoming common in all age groups of people. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual disorders. With age, the risk of ED does increase, but the disease is not always related to age. It could be both psychological or physical. Different studies show the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological. The physical cause of erectile dysfunction is also repairable. Most of the time, people ignore psychological problems. One typical saying is psychological issues are not visible. That's why people ignore it until it becomes unbearable. Most of the emotions like anger, anxiety, awkwardness, frustration, fear, despair impact our lives. We the people don't realize, but the psychogenic thing does damage to our sex life.

Following psychogenic factors might cause erectile dysfunction. 

Myths, taboos, unreal expectations in regards to sexuality

There might be occasional or situational failures. It is fine. You must know no one always scores ten on ten. Unreal sexual expectations are not right for you. There are many sexual myths surround in our adulthood. One such myth is about masturbation is good or bad. One of the common myths is regarding penis size. The length of the penis doesn't hamper your sexual pleasure. You should get rid of tales of the taboo of sex from your mind.  

Concern over sexual performance

In this age of the internet, we get exposure to sex-related things daily in many ways. Thinking about sex all the time that you will perform better on the bed is not going to help. Instead, you will burden your mind with a thing in which action is missing. As I said in the above paragraph about unrealistic expectations, it can make you feel you were short on your target. Setting realistic expectations, talking to your partner can help you in getting rid of performance anxiety.

Absence of physical/sexual attraction.

Any kind of self-loathing is not right. You should feel comfortable with your body. It is essential to be in shape from a health perspective. A healthy body is always ready to do things. Corporal charms don't last long. The attraction is about chemistry. It would help if you worked on your chemistry with your partner.

Feelings that are not good to libido.

Behavior patterns can also lead to low sexual desire. A person with a hostile nature or too shy person can't enjoy regular sex. You know hostility is not right in a relationship. A person with a timid nature will find it challenging to open up with their partner. It is also challenging to get an erection with fear. So it would help if you balance all to enjoy regular sex life.

Psychic alterations.

Along with traumatic experiences, stress, anxiety, or depression can cause psychic changes. Stress, anxiety, and depression are close. Once stressed, overthinking will give you anxiety. Anxiety will lead to depression. During the depression, your brain does not send the required signal to the desired body part. It exhausts you, mentally and physically. Any sudden loss of a person can do irreparable damage. Sometimes life is harsh. A traumatic experience is not in your hands. 

Lack of communication and conflicts.

The power of communication is much. Most of the things which I mentioned in the above paragraph, you can solve with communication. Relationships are not perfect. If you have any trouble in your relationship, you can fix it with dialogue. Sharing things with your partner ease out your brain. Your partner doesn't need to come with solutions to your problem. An understanding partner might make some changes in their life, which will help you to heal your wounds.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction needs your attention.

Anyone can understand why, after regular erectile dysfunction, man avoids sex life. Isolation from your partner is also not going to help; instead, it will lead to depression. Depression is also a psychogenic thing. It would help if you understood that psychogenic erectile dysfunction is curable. You need to consult a sex therapist.

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