WHY is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs?

Sex is universal, yet we lack to talk about the desires!

The reason for so many mental and physical dissatisfactions in human beings is the lack of discussion.

Why is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs?

It all began when the five years old innocent kid asked her parents, where do the babies come from, and received an imaginary fairytale in response which she was forced to believe in.

Things could have been different if that kid had got the answer, or she was left with an illusion to figure out on her own.

Since we are programmed to consider sex a taboo, we could never figure out how to talk to your husband about sexless marriage.

Even when we step into the real world, where we have good friends with whom we can have healthy conversations about such forbidden topics, it takes a lot of time and effort to unweave what was woven in the last decades.

Nevertheless, this still helps some of us overcome our fears of judgment and open up but it isn’t the same for everyone.
Not everyone is lucky enough to have mature friends who will understand this in-depth unless they have walked the same road.

However, if it takes so much effort to talk about intimate conversation examples with our friends, imagine how difficult it will make to converse about your sexual needs examples with your partner.

I wonder how many of you think that ‘my husband and I are not sexually compatible' but fail to convey the same to your partner. And the reason was nothing more than putting up a false image of sex and the pleasure that comes with it.

Some More Reasons…..

Another reason that brings us to the problem where we question why is it so difficult to communicate your sexual needs is less exploration.

When we are constraint from considering sex as a casual topic of discussion, we eventually feel shy to explore our sexual side.

Without exploration, we become naïve and eventually after a certain point of time in the relationship it feels like stepping out of the comfort zone to communicate about your sexual desires.

We even lack the knowledge on how to talk intimately with your boyfriend which eventually sucks up all the fun out of the relationship.

While I say this, I must mention that sexual gratification is just as much important in an intimate relationship as trust and loyalty is.

Not that everybody will be equally compatible in bed with you, but talking about it can eventually make things better for your relationship in bed and otherwise.

It is the same for every gender, and we keep wondering what to do when your partner doesn't want to be intimate. COMMUNICATE. Because Communication is the Key.

If you try to open yourself up a little bit, then believe me when I say this, your partner will love to listen to you and try your take on sexual pleasure.

Dr. Satinder SinghWHY is it so Hard to Talk about your Sexual Needs?

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