Know the factors causing ED and treatment to cure it

You might have come across this question quite a few times; How frequent you have sex? Are you comfortable answering this? Fine, it is your personal choice to answer. But, if you are not able to score on the bed because of some sexual disorder. You are to blame. Sexual disorders are of different types. The problem with getting aroused while preparing for sex in people has become prevalent. People of all ages suffer from sexual disorders. Don't let sexual disorder become a thing that makes you feel inferior.

Recognise the symptoms of erectile dysfunction

It is not hard to find your sex life is boring, exciting or outright bad. You must know the symptoms of erectile dysfunction because you can then nip it in the bud. One thing you need to remember your sex life can't be like what you see in porn or have read in any novels. Don’t compare to that and judge your own sex life.

These below mentioned things are erectile dysfunction symptoms.

  • You are in mood of sex but not getting erection.
  • You get an erection but not enough to penetrate for long.
  • You have zero to less sexual desire even if your partner is seducing.


Below i have mentioned the reasons behind erectile dysfunction.

  • Age – With age, there is a physical change in the body. There are many hormonal changes disorders like menopause, andropause. Overall these change does affects your sex life.
  • Heart or Diabetic conditions – You need flow of fresh blood and oxygen for your hearts. People with heart conditions are less likely to enjoy their sex life. There is a similar condition with diabetic person. People with these conditions are more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction.
  • Tobacco – Smoking might be in fashion or considered a cool quotient. But cigarettes are not good for your healthy sex life. You are inviting sex disorder to closer.
  • Ecstasy Pill, Drug and Alcohol – Ecstasy pills used for sex will give instant pleasure to partners. You and your partner might be on cloud nine after sex. But just like Drugs and alcohol, ecstasy pills might do wonder now but in the long run, they do more damage.
  • Control Cholesterol – You need to control your cholesterol. There is a connection between your weight and libido. Obesity kills your sexual pleasure.
  • Psychological Conditions – Depression, stress, or anxiety are mental illnesses. These conditions affect one's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. These are not a good thing for your sexual health. These psychological conditions are not favorable for physical intimacy.


Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction

This will require efforts. Despite that, it won’t be possible to completely prevent erectile dysfunction. It can be reduced with multiple efforts like you will have to exercise regularly and also take note of your diet. Stopping addiction things like smoking, drugs, and alcohol will help you in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Except for exercise, diet, and addiction thing for all other efforts you need to consult an expert. Psychological conditions like stress or depression are not easily curable. You need a regular psychiatrist visit. There are home remedies available for this.

Consult Sexologist to cure erectile dysfunction

You should consult a sexologist. Taking medication on your own is not good. Sexual problems are more psychological which needs to be talked upon. Medications are available for both psychological and physical sex problems. Meeting with doctors is like much like an interrogation. You share your problems and your doubts get cleared. When we talk about a few things come up which we are not aware of. If the health conditions are responsible for ED then you might have to consult a physician as well. Once these steps are done then they write medications. So, it is good to search for a sexologist near me on Google.

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