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5 Signs of male sexual disorder where sexologist consultation is required

Health is important, and its issues need to be taken seriously. You must take sexual health issues as seriously as you take note of other health problems. You should not consider this situation as heebie-jeebies, but this can’t be ignored. It is understood that sex problems are not visible like other health problems, but it

How psychological causes could eventually lead to Premature Ejaculation

Not many people are aware of the fact that premature ejaculation (PE) could also happen due to physical factors. This could be underlined with psychological causes too. There are a few men who develop PE related issues due to the above mentioned factors. When a man is affected with premature ejaculation their sex life and

Ayurvedic Treatment for masturbation

The addiction of masturbation causes various health hazards. It was a time when the practice of erotic self-pleasure was a taboo across different cultures. But today, people have the freedom to talk about it freely and openly. According to many psychiatrists and doctors, masturbation is good for your health. It is a great way of