How psychological causes could eventually lead to Premature Ejaculation

Not many people are aware of the fact that premature ejaculation (PE) could also happen due to physical factors. This could be underlined with psychological causes too. There are a few men who develop PE related issues due to the above mentioned factors.

When a man is affected with premature ejaculation their sex life and not as interesting as their partner would desire being.

Psychological causes could be the reason behind lack of desires in a man. A man who already knows is experiencing this issue, could get stuck in a vicious cycle of frustration, guilt, embarrassment, anxiety and nervousness. Sadly, this issue keeps on repeating time and again. This will eventually affect a relationship and could end up damaging a relationship, permanently!

A few of the common psychological factors have been mentioned below:

  • Strict upbringing 

This happens when a man has been repeatedly to see sexual intercourse as a reprehensible act. They start believing that it should be only practiced as a religious act, such as procreation of children.

In several cases, men have been made to believe that sexual intercourse should only be only accepted as a tainted, aberrant activity. Hence it should be avoided as much as possible. Hence, men who have been brought up under these circumstanced view sex as a dreadful and fearful act.

The other reason could be the fear of causing a pregnancy. More so, several men are scared of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) hence start avoiding sexual interaction.

  • Sexual inexperience 

Usually younger men, who are in adept and knowledgeable about sexual experiences can encounter PE. There are several men who do place a strong emphasis sexual performance and potency. This is why usually are more keen on emphasizing on their virility. This usually is backed with masculinity and when they are unable to perform the course of intercourse, feel disgraced.

  • Early conditioning 

A usually sexual experience of a man at their early stages does greatly affect his later sexual behavior at the later stages. This is why if he has usually started doing something sexual in a certain way, is the same route or behavior that they are prone to follow when they want to get aroused sexually.

For example, if a man has always ejaculated quickly, only to steer away from detection of masturbation, they will repeat this activity even for the fear of being discovered having sex. Hence they rush over such a situation and it gains a negative effect on the man. This is what eventually leads to premature ejaculation. Breaking this habit is pretty tough, once they get accustomed to it.

  • Traumatic backdrop/happening 

If a man has experienced a disturbing or shocking incident in their life, then it could lead to sexual issues such as premature ejaculation. They could get unstable behave inappropriately or even experience sexual problems. If someone was caught masturbating or has had sexually abused as a child, or if one has been raped, could have serious sexual issues.

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