How to deal with Erectile Dysfunction when In a relationship

As per the reports from The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, in the US alone, approximately30 million people do suffer from issues related to erectile dysfunction (ED).

The man feels lack of desires and does not feel to get into sexual phase with their partner due to ED. In fact this is one condition, if not treated could increase with age.

These are critical marriage problems and should not be taken lightly. The good part is it can be treated. There are innumerable men, who undergo this issue and it turns out being an emotional, physical, psychological and sexual turmoil, for both the partners.

If you think ED only affects men, then think TWICE:

Yes, it affects both the partner. But there are a few approaches that a couple could follow. Let us know a bit more about them in detail:

You should speak to your partner and be open with them:

ED is a symptom about which you need to be open with your partner. Men do feel embarrassed and ashamed. This feeling could increase and get more distressing when it gets recurrent condition while you are at a physical stage with your partner.

But you have to step ahead and be more open with your partner. If your partner is uninformed about erectile dysfunction issues, and that you cannot erect easily, could lead to more problems. This is why talk to your partner. She may feel you are not interested in her or are having an affair, if you are not open about it.

If your partner asks questions about ED, do not avert the topic. Instead, talk about it. As noticed, avoidance tactics does drift couples apart, and is not a good option to seek resort to!

Assure her that she is not the reason behind this and that it is a sexual problem that you are experiencing.

Do ask your partner to be supportive

Do ask your partner to support you and both of you head to treatment clinics together. The more your partner gets involved with this the more empowered would she feel about it. If you have gone to the doctor alone for the first time, ensure that you take her to the second visit along. This way if she too has any queries she would be more than assured and eager to get all queries asked from her end too.

If the doctor asks you to undergo any lifestyle changes, ensure that you and your partner make a mutual effort in making the changes. At times simple dietary changes do help in improving ED related issues.

Ensure that you cultivate a strong support system from your partner. Again this will depend a lot on the understanding, level of honesty and gentleness you both have between each other, regarding this issue.

Discussing your sex life is important

You may feel that it is futile to discuss your sex life since there is an issue related to the intimacy department. However this is a wrong way of considering things.

In fact, experts encourage couples to talk to each other if they are dealing with erectile dysfunction related issues. They will get to know that there is much more to sex rather than only talking about the ‘intercourse’ aspect! One could also reach the stage of orgasm without a proper erection too.

Do ensure that you talk to your partner and find out other things that you both could do, since it is time you both breakout your fantasies. It’s time to explore more rather than only paying attention to the intercourse aspect.

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