Mistakes which could lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common problem and something that one must not be worried about, because this problem is curable. Even though the mistakes which cause ED and premature ejaculation are closely connected, in this article we will be counting on ways to prevent ED.

Before we delve into this topic, let us know what ED is?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is known to be a sexual dysfunction where the penis is unable to maintain or develop its power to stay erect at the time of sexual intercourse. Understand that you should not worry a lot because it is more of a psychological issue and when dealt the right way this problem can be mended.


ED turns out being one of the most common marriage problems which couples are facing since long. One of the biggest mistakes which people face due to ED is because of strain, stress and anxiety. You feel quite much stressed because you tend to over think that you cannot reach an erection. Hence, this ends up stressing your entire self, mentally and physically.

Things get blown out of proportion. Understand that emotions are like surfing waves, and it tends to weaver up and down. When you are on the surfboard you are at the peak of the wave and you try to hold the surfboard then. Understand this that at that moment, the wave of emotion freezes and this happens when you get stressed. You need to ensure that you do not freeze then rather let the feelings flow naturally.

What should you do?

You must try to meditate. This is one of the oldest practices and works wonderfully towards warding off negative feeling or reaction from within. Try to meditate before sex. This will help you to stay calm and release stress. Hence, you will have a smooth performance with your partner when you are in bed.


You do not eat healthy nor do you take care of your health. You do not take out time for exercise.

A few physical reasons that cause ED have been mentioned below:

• High level of cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Blood pressure (High)
• Vascular and heart related illness

What should you do?

Many of the issues mentioned above can be handled by exercise and when you maintain a good healthy diet. When you do not take proper care of your health and body, and then the drugs that we take for treating them, tend to start being the reason behind ED.

This way the ways our bodies work naturally get disrupted. This is why we are left with a body which is not working as the way we want it to function.

Make sure that you do intake around three liters of water per day. Stay very alert of what you are eating. Always consume whole food like vegetables, beans, lentil, and lean meat. You cannot miss out on exercising at least three to four times a week.

When you are in shape, the fat that is lying around your penis or pelvic section tends to make it look quite small. This happens because fat is pushed over the penis. This is why staying healthy is so important.

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