Ways in which couples can deal with Premature Ejaculation

There are so many common sexual related issues that men are diagnosed with and one very common one is Premature Ejaculation (PE). If you too are worried about this condition then you need not get worried because there are ways by which you can deal with it gradually.

Premature ejaculation at some point of time does hit every man, practically! However, if the problem takes place quite often, then it should be taken seriously and you would require medical attention.

Erectile dysfunction or issues like PE is quite common and the good part is, this problem is curable. The problem that men usually face with PE is that they tend to ejaculate even before the penetration takes place or maybe, just about a few seconds after its been thrust in. Interestingly, a research revealed that the average time for intercourse that couples generally take is between five to nine minutes. As per sex therapy, by PE we mean, the man reaches orgasm way before his partner wants him to, since he does not have any control over it. The man could also not have control over the pattern that his body follows.

Even though for men this turns out being a frustrating moment, but the sad part is it also will affect the partner. How? This is because he turns out being sexually aroused for hardly a few seconds or minutes. This will gradually diminish or wane ones interest in sex.

What is the reason behind men reaching the state of orgasm fast?

There sure could be physiological factors, however as seen in most of the cases, it all deals with psychological factors. Strain, fretfulness and infrequent sexual activity could also contribute to a few of the factors.

Bad habit, as seen in general, men learn to masturbate during their adolescence stage and most probably it seems to be a surreptitious activity. They usually learn to reach the stage of orgasm when they get sexually excited. This might have lead to one feeling ashamed or embarrassed as they would have been quite anxious that their parents or anyone would walk into the room. This feeling of anxiousness made one reach out grabbing his equipment quickly so that the goal was reached as soon as possible. This is why without deliberately intending to, there are several men who are grown ups, usually try to rush to accomplish the sexual response cycle as quickly as they can. This is why, as men get sexually experienced, a few of them learn to last for a longer period while tend to follow the same cycle.

What should one do in this case?

You have to make sure that you do educate about your partner about what you have read above. Anything that has been learned can also be unlearned. He needs to start reconditioning his sexual response. Your partner should earn to not rush through the entire process. Rather the ideal thing you both need to do is, make love and enjoy the thrill. Do so for as long as you both want to and only then reach out to the climax point.

It does not matter how quickly or for how long he could wait before the stage of orgasm, it does take a bit longer for women to reach this stage. Your partner could be of great help to you, by trying his best to ejaculate later or through other means. You would require clitoral stimulation along with intercourse and he could help you through before, during or after he has reached the stage of orgasm.

A little consent and understanding from each other will lead to a healthier and happier mental and physical being.

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adminWays in which couples can deal with Premature Ejaculation

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